Blue Archive Wakamo Overview

Character Overview

Wakamo is a Limited 3* Mystic Striker student who was originally our first FES student and will have a rerun banner alongside the new FES student Hanako (Swimsuit). On release, Wakamo was a strong option for a Single-Target damage dealer in all Mystic raids, mainly due to her high burst damage on EX Skill. However, she is not your traditional damage dealer, as she requires another student to accumulate damage for EX Skill. Outside of her burst, she deals relatively low damage, leading her to fulfill a more secondary DPS in a team. 

Team compositions for Wakamo mostly lead to having another damage dealer in the team to stack up damage for EX Skill. In addition to this, she does not synergize well with Crit Buffers like Ako, which hurts solo damage potential. The introduction of her new Bond Item does solve this issue, as it provides a hefty boost in ATK. 

If you plan on pulling for Wakamo, it is important that you invest in Unique Equipment 50 and Bond Item to reach her full potential. The role she fills in a team is solely to deal damage, making it important to maximize her burst. If you are reading this at the time of S.Hanako’s release and cannot afford to pull for both students. S.Hanako is usually the better option, as there are few options for a Sonic damage dealer and several alternatives for Mystic.


  • Strong Single-Target damage


  • Cannot Crit 
  • Falls off slightly before the release of her Bond Item
  • Needs another damage dealer in the team

Skill Review

EX Skill

Starting things off, we have the bread and butter of Wakamo’s kit, her EX Skill. This targets 1 enemy and applies a debuff Accumulation for 10 seconds damage will then be stored and dealt again as Mystic damage. 

We highly recommend having another damage dealer on the team to help Wakamo accumulate damage. She struggles to reach the damage cap and has an overall low damage output.

Since the Accumulation debuff only scales with ATK, this makes ATK buffers synergize well. Note that Accumulation damage is unable to Crit, which has some anti-synergy with some buffers like Ako

Basic Skill

This skill is a straightforward attack that deals damage to one enemy. With Bond Item unlocked it doubles down on this by increasing its damage multiplier. This skill should be raised after her Enhanced Skill is a substantial damage increase. 

Enchanced Skill

Wakamo’s Enhanced Skill provides an ATK boost both at base and Enhanced+. This may have been an underwhelming effect on other damage dealers. For Wakamo, this skill provides one of the few buffs that affect Accumulation. We recommend raising this skill before Basic and Sub SKill, as it directly affects EX Skill damage.

Sub Skill

Finally, Wakamo’s Sub Skill deals an additional instance of damage against bosses. This skill comes into play in raids, where most enemies are bosses. While this is a strong skill on paper, it is not a high priority compared to the rest of her skillset.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Wakamo can slotted into the team as a Single-Target damage dealer. If you are struggling to kill a Special armored boss. Outside of this, she does not find a lot of usage, as the early game is centered around AoE content

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): In the late game, Wakamo finds usage in all 3 Mystic raids as a Single-Target damage dealer. Even in Goz, where her armor type is weak against the boss, she still finds use in Insane+. However, this can be difficult as she is prone to getting one-shotted in Goz. For Perorodzilla, Wakamo usually fits into the team as a shiny hunter for Insane+.

  • Minimum Required Investment: Unique Equipment 40
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Enhanced > Normal > Sub


Overall, despite Wakamo being an older student and being the first FES student to be released. She is still one of the strongest options for all Mystic raids. Her straightforward but strong skill-set allows her to keep up with the rest of the competition. While Wakamo may see less usage in the future before her Bond Item is released. She is still a strong contender for a Mystic Single Target damage dealer, and this problem is solved by her Bond Item when it is released. However, if you already have other core Mystic damage dealers raised, consider skipping her banner for S.Hanako.

How Much Should I Invest?: Unique Equipment 50, should be your main goal to maximize the amount of damage she deals.