Atelier Resleriana Beginner’s Guide: Rerolling, Early Goals, and Tips

DotGG prepares a comprehensive Atelier Resleriana Beginner's Guide for our readers so you all can get a smooth start!

Guide Introduction

Calling all alchemists! DotGG's here to launch you into the enchanting alchemist world with our Atelier Resleriana Beginner's Guide. With the global launch just around the corner (January 25th, mark your calendars!), this guide equips you to confidently conquer your early adventures.


From Koei Tecmo, the masters of captivating adventures, comes Atelier Resleriana. They've built a reputation for weaving spellbinding stories into enthralling gameplay, and this one's no different. Brace yourself for a universe brimming with secrets to uncover and wondrous discoveries to make. Now, let's dive into the basics of Atelier Resleriana, so you can get an early head-start and maximize your enjoyment from the very beginning.

Unlock Powerful Allies Through Strategic Rerolling

Once you've completed the tutorial, consider using the reroll function to snag a strong 3-star healer or defender. These roles are crucial for early success, and securing at least one through rerolling sets you up for smooth sailing.

Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide without uninstalling

Don't be discouraged if your initial pulls don't strike gold! Simply head to the top right corner of the menu, tap "Delete Data," and embark on your reroll quest again. Remember, Resleriana throws down challenges meant for a five-person party, so aiming for multiple powerful characters is always a wise strategy. Check out our reroll guide and global launch tier list to know which alchemist to aim for.

Master the Battlefield

Once you've secured your dream team through rerolling, dive into the main story and conquer the basics of Atelier Resleriana's battle system. While auto-play might get you through the initial skirmishes, tougher challenges demand your strategic prowess. So, don't just watch the pretty explosions – take the reins and truly understand how each element, skill, and combo interacts. This mastery will be your key to dominating even the most daunting battles later on. Check out our guide for the battle system before we get into the next section!

Unlock the World: Aim for Chapter 2-63

Your early game roadmap? Conquer Main Story Chapter 2-63! Why? Reaching this milestone unlocks a treasure trove of content, granting you access to challenging quests and valuable resources. Here's what awaits you along the way:

  • Development Quests (Chapter 1-7): Gather vital materials to empower your characters.
  • Glow Board (Chapter 1-13): Unlock elements for further character refinement.
  • Rorona's Pie (Chapter 1-17): Keep your adventurers fueled with delicious stamina recovery.
  • Peace Quests (Chapter 1-20): Collect materials for potent character awakenings.
  • Dungeons (Chapter 1-30): Dive into exciting battlegrounds and reap rare synthesis materials.
  • Research (Chapter 2-2): Uncover even more character-boosting elements.
  • Top Secret Quests (Chapter 2-26): Embark on captivating journeys and expand your horizons.

Tapping Ryza's SSR Memoria Power

While pushing through Chapter 2-63 should be your primary focus, don't underestimate the value of tackling Advanced Missions! Completing these challenges rewards you with Ryza's powerful SSR Memoria. (For a detailed walkthrough of these missions, check out our dedicated guide – link here!)

Advance Missions User's Interface

This coveted accessory significantly boosts your party's strength, making Chapter 2-63 a breeze. So, consider conquering Advanced Missions as a secondary early goal – the rewards will fuel your progress and make you an alchemic force to be reckoned with!

Hitting a Wall? Power Up Your Heroes and Gear!

Game System Introduction Video | Atelier Resleriana

Stuck on a challenging story quest? Don't despair, alchemist! Instead of banging your head against the wall, take a detour towards self-improvement. Here's how to power up and conquer those obstacles:

  • Strengthen Your Team: Dive into training quests to hone your characters' skills and abilities. Every level gained is a step closer to victory!
  • Boost Your Memoria: Don't neglect your Memoria! Upgrade these powerful accessories to unlock their full potential and unlock hidden strengths in your party.
  • Do Your Research: Embark on "Combat Research" and "Alchemy Research" to unlock new equipment and weapon possibilities. The more options you have, the more strategies you can craft!
  • Synth Your Way to Success: Don't underestimate the power of synthesis! Combine materials to forge powerful weapons and armor that will give you the edge in battle.


We at DotGG hope our Atelier Resleriana Beginner's Guide has given you some important insights and equipped you with the knowledge to conquer Resleriana's vibrant world. Remember, you don't need to speed-run this game on day-1, just enjoy the game and upgrade your team's combat power step-by-step. So, keep exploring, keep experimenting, and above all, keep concocting your own legend! For more alchemic wisdom, tips, and strategies, be sure to bookmark DotGG as your trusted companion on this magical journey. We'll be here cheering you on every step of the way!

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