Atelier Resleriana: Best Low-rarity Characters

Atelier Resleriana: Best Low-Rarity Characters Worth Your Time! Shallistera, Totori, Meruru, Lent, Esty, Linca & Tess are hidden gems!

Hidden Gems Low-rarity Alchemists

High-Rarity Heroes? Think Again! Unleash the Hidden Gems of Atelier Resleriana with some of the Best Low-Rarity Characters! Forget the Ryzas and Resnas! In Atelier Resleriana's colorful world, hidden beneath the flashy 3-star summons lie unsung heroes waiting to be unleashed: the low-rarity alchemists. Don't let their humble beginnings fool you – all characters in the game can be upgraded to be 5-star characters. Our guide today wants to tell you: “Why investing in these low-rarity characters earlier on is worth it!”

Low-rarity Characters Worth to Build


Shallistera, while possessing a break damage multiplier lower than that of a single attack, remains a potent all-out attack breaker. Her burst not only debuffs the enemy but also combines with the magic breaker (including herself) to enhance magic break damage. For players who did not obtain Marie during rerolls, Shallistera proves to be a valuable alternative. Teaming up a Lv60 Shallistera with another breaker ensures a reliable performance, making it a worthwhile investment of resources.


Totori excels in battles against physical enemies and within physical party compositions. She possesses the ability to diminish the physical damage sustained by all allies, including herself, while simultaneously amplifying the physical damage inflicted upon a single enemy. This dual function significantly enhances the overall damage output of the team.

As a versatile support character, Totori offers flexible utility, seamlessly blending defensive and offensive capabilities. Upgrading this character proves to be a wise choice, given her adaptability to fit into various teams that prioritize dealing physical-type damage.


Meruru's brilliance lies not just in her healing prowess, but also in her strategic support. Her "Meruru Shot" and "Peacemakers" skill lets her dramatically increase the damage enemies take, making her a game-changer for any team composition. Whether facing a single foe or a horde, Meruru sets the stage for your main attacker to unleash devastating blows. And to ensure her own survival, she wields the "Living Merulixir" skill, deflecting a significant portion of incoming damage. Meruru's potent blend of offense and defense makes her an invaluable asset in any Atelier Resleriana team composition.



Lent emerges as a formidable defender specializing in the substantial reduction of physical damage. His defensive prowess extends beyond self-application, as he can also bestow this reduction effect upon all allies, proving particularly effective against foes dealing physical damage. However, it's important to note his vulnerability against magic attacks. While Lent excels in countering physical threats, his defensive utility falls short against magical assaults. With all his effects, including abilities, tailored to physical damage, Lent occupies a niche role, offering unique and targeted utility to the team.

Low-rarity Characters that are Decent


Esty shines as a versatile attacker with a set of unique abilities. She boasts the capacity to enhance her own skill damage, allowing for cumulative improvements over time. Additionally, Esty excels at increasing damage output when targeting weak points. As a cost-effective attacker, she stands out as an affordable option for building and investing resources, particularly for players lacking high-tier 3-star attackers. Notably, Esty is widely regarded as the top choice among low-rarity attackers.



Linca excels in countering magic enemies and complements magic party compositions with her unique abilities. She has the capacity to diminish magic damage taken by all allies, including herself, providing valuable defensive support. Additionally, Linca contributes to the team's offensive strategy by increasing the amount of magic damage inflicted upon all enemies. Her dual role as both a defensive buffer and an offensive amplifier makes Linca a strategic choice for teams focused on confronting magical adversaries.


Tess comes into her own when facing magic-oriented adversaries. Specializing in countering magic party compositions, she significantly decreases magic damage suffered by all allies, including herself. Moreover, Tess brings a unique advantage by reducing magic damage specifically targeted at recovery allies. However, when considering alternatives, both Totori and Meruru emerge as superior options. While Tess offers valuable defensive utility, the comprehensive healing and damage augmentation provided by Totori and Meruru make them more preferable choices for strategic team compositions.

Low Rarity, High Potential

So there you have it, the Best Low-rarity Characters of Atelier Resleriana, ready to prove their worth in among your other waifus and husbandos in the game. Remember, rarity is just a number, and eventually all characters can be upgraded to be a 5-star character. And for all your Atelier Resleriana needs, remember to bookmark We'll keep brewing up fresh guides, tips, and insights to give you a head start in the game.

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