Final Fantasy XVI DLC: The Rising Tide Arrives April 18th, 2024

Final Fantasy XVI DLC: The Rising Tide arrives April 18th! Explore a new region, fight Leviathan, unlock endgame activities and more!


Final Fantasy XVI DLC: Get ready to dive deep into a new chapter of the game (the second expansion), The Rising Tide, launching on April 18th, 2024. This expansion promises a meatier experience compared to Echoes of the Fallen, offering fresh story content, stunning new locations, and the introduction of the long-lost Leviathan, the Eikon of Water.

A New Region Awaits

Mysidia: Deep within a sea of darkness, sanctuary exists for those who know where to look—a lost oasis untouched by the ever-encroaching Blight. It is beneath her emerald boughs that both man and beast have found their final haven.

Official Square Enix announcement

The Rising Tide whisks players away to Mysidia, a hidden oasis untouched by the Blight. This lush and vibrant region boasts dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and even a section of the ocean seemingly suspended in time. A brand new town and mysterious ruins shrouded in a magical dome await exploration.

Unveiling Leviathan's Mysteries

Joining Clive on this quest is Shula, a mysterious woman wielding a massive axe. Her connection to Leviathan compels her to seek the Eikon's rescue, hinting at a tragic past. The Rising Tide injects a healthy dose of side quests into the mix, with ten new adventures to tackle, some even featuring chocobo companions.

Face New and Familiar Foes

Prepare to encounter both brand new and familiar enemies. The adorable Tonberries return, but this time with a menacing makeover; Tonberry Hexer, a "creepier" version of Tonberry wielding an epic knife. Other foes include Northern Wolves, deadly Wyvern traps, and more.

An Epic Showdown with Leviathan

The centerpiece of The Rising Tide is the epic showdown against Leviathan. This unique and challenging battle is unlike anything Clive has faced before. Mastering Leviathan's power grants Clive a range of new abilities, including Serpent's Cry, a long-range attack that transforms his arm into a serpent. A unique meter and active reload mechanic add further depth to utilizing Leviathan's abilities. The PlayStation Blog also hints at another hidden power Clive unlocks, but players will have to discover that for themselves.

Beyond the Story: Kairos Gate and More

The Rising Tide isn't just about the story. Kairos Gate, a new endgame activity unlocked after completing the base game and The Rising Tide scenarios, offers players a 20-stage gauntlet.

Each stage, known as a Circle, throws tougher enemies and challenging boss fights at you. Rewards include new materials, weapons, and leaderboards for the competitive players.

Level Up and Power Up

To tackle these new challenges, The Rising Tide raises the level cap for both the story and action-focused modes, as well as New Game Plus. Additionally, the DLC boasts a generous 10-hour playtime, making it a substantial expansion.

Free Update for Everyone

Even if you don't purchase The Rising Tide, there's good news! A free update will introduce quality-of-life improvements like quick travel to quest givers and the ability to save multiple sets of abilities and Feats for quicker switching. The update also tweaks abilities, accessories, and adds new filters and effects to the Photo Mode. You can see the official Update Notes at the main FFXVI website when the patch goes live!

The Journey Continues After The Rising Tide

The story doesn't end with The Rising Tide. The developers confirmed an epilogue quest becomes available after completing both DLCs. While details are scarce, it promises to offer some closure to the overall narrative.

The Future of Final Fantasy XVI DLC

While The Rising Tide is likely the final piece of DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, the developers haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of more. They acknowledge the importance of avoiding a situation like Final Fantasy XV, where crucial story elements were locked behind DLC. The focus, however, seems to be on future projects and new challenges for the development team.


With The Rising Tide launching April 18th, 2024, Final Fantasy XVI players have a thrilling new chapter to explore. This DLC offers a substantial expansion, featuring a captivating story in Mysidia, the introduction of Leviathan, and a wealth of new content.

Whether you're battling the fearsome Leviathan, conquering the Kairos Gate challenge, or diving into the new endgame activities, The Rising Tide promises a deep and rewarding experience.

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