Did Honkai: Star Rail Dominate March 2024 Gacha Revenue?

Honkai: Star Rail revenue for March 2024 exploded with $145M, while Genshin Impact held strong. Explore market trends with DotGG's analysis.


Were anyone of you curious about Honkai: Star Rail revenue for March 2024? March's gacha games saw Honkai: Star Rail soar with $145 million, while Genshin Impact remained strong at $68 million. Newcomer Uma Musume ($33 million) proved regional strength. Veterans like Arknights and Fate/Grand Order ($24.8 million each) showed consistency. Setbacks for One Punch Man and some titles highlight the market's dynamism. The success of Puzzle & Dragons remains an enigma. Here at DotGG, we stand as your guide, offering insightful monthly analyses into the ever-evolving revenue landscape.

Thank you u/numberlockbs

A special acknowledgment extends to Reddit user numberlockbs, whose diligent data collection efforts provide the foundation for our comprehensive analysis. We'll also identify the biggest gainers of March and try to make sense of the reason behind their success.

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Clash of the Titans: Familiar Faces, New Frontrunners

The top of the charts witnessed both dominance and surprise. Honkai: Star Rail maintained its stellar momentum, surging to a remarkable $145 million in March, solidifying its position as a gacha powerhouse. Genshin Impact, despite a slight dip from February, retained its stronghold with $68 million, proving its enduring global appeal.

Free-to-Play Players Should Thank Whales and HSR Development Team for March 2024 Revenue

I wasn't particularly surprise by this because HSR recently had two big marketing moves namely Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1 Special Program Livestream and also the introduction of Acheron on March 27th!

Uma Musume Pretty Derby - 3rd Anniversary Song [U.M.A. NEW WORLD!!] - It's very addictive.

However, the spotlight isn't exclusive. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby emerged as a frontrunner in the Japanese market, experiencing a notable climb to $33 million. I believe the game is still carrying that 3rd anniversary aura I mentioned in last month's report.

Challenges and Setbacks: Not All Games Shine

However, the picture isn't all sunshine and rainbows. One Punch Man: World took a significant hit, experiencing a staggering 79.23% revenue decrease. Similarly, Love Live! SIF2 MIRACLE LIVE! and Archeland faced struggles, with revenues plummeting to $17,000 and $10,000, respectively. It just goes to show that sometimes, manga turn gacha game doesn't guarantee success... and... uh... greedy developer moves could also bring death to a gacha game.

Established Titans: Arknights and FGO Prove Their Worth

Fate/Grand Order Still Continues to Pump Great Content

Meanwhile, established gacha giants like Arknights and Fate/Grand Order showcased remarkable stability, securing consistent revenue streams of $24.8 million and $24.4 million respectively. This highlights the enduring strength of these well-developed and well-maintained games.

Puzzle & Dragons: A Gacha Gaming Enigma

Honestly, I forgot this game existed until I noticed it's still earning big bucks monthly

Puzzle & Dragons remains a fascinating anomaly in the gacha gaming landscape. Despite a relative lack of coverage by major YouTubers, gaming journalists, and even Twitch streamers, it continues to generate millions in revenue each month. This begs the question: what keeps Puzzle & Dragons thriving? I have no clue.


March 2024 show that there's not much changes within the top 10 gacha game earners but Honkai: Star Rail revenue for March 2024 proves that it's going to stay on the throne for much longer than anticipated. We appreciate your readership and support at DotGG. Stay tuned for more insights and updates, and thank you for reading this write-up!

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