Top Gacha Game Revenue: Analyzing February’s Ups and Downs

Top Gacha Game Revenue! Dive into DotGG's analysis of February's top earners in the mobile gacha market. Are the kings dethroned?

Top Gacha Game Revenue Introduction

Welcome to DotGG's analysis and breakdown of the top gacha game revenue for February 2024! The month has come to a close, and it's once again time to delve into the diverse world of mobile gacha games.

This month's focus

Who claimed the top spot? Have Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail maintained their reign as gacha kings? We'll be comparing their February 2024 revenue to their performance in January 2024, continuing our analysis started last month with December 2023 and January 2024.

A huge thank you

We extend a special shoutout to Reddit user numberlockbs for their dedication in providing the data we'll be analyzing and discussing today.

February's Top Gacha Game Revenue: Surprises and Shifts


While confirmed February 2024 data might not be available yet, the provided breakdown offers fascinating insights into potential trends within the top gacha game revenue:

1. Honkai: Star Rail (China)

This sci-fi RPG experienced a remarkable 112% increase in revenue from January, potentially surpassing Genshin Impact in the Chinese market. This meteoric rise suggests a positive reception for the new character Sparkle by the existing player base released in February recently.

2. Genshin Impact (Global)

Despite a slight dip in February compared to January, Genshin Impact remains the undisputed global leader, solidifying its dominant position in the gacha market. This continued success can be partially attributed to the recent announcement and livestream of the upcoming Version 4.5, which presumably helped maintain player interest.

3. Love and Deepspace (China)

Maintaining consistent performance in February suggests a dedicated Chinese player base. This sci-fi romance title, launched in January 2024 by Papergames and Infoldgames, combines real-time combat with intergalactic romance. Players take on the role of a heroine, choosing their love story and mastering "Evol" abilities to fight against alien threats.

DBZ: Dokkan Battle just had its 9th Anniversary Celebration in February 2024!

This classic franchise saw a 223% surge, showcasing its enduring popularity and the potential impact of specific events or updates.

5. Naruto (China)

While experiencing a slight decrease, Naruto remains relevant, highlighting the lasting appeal of established franchises.

6. Genshin Impact (Global)

Though listed twice, this reiterates the game's significant global presence.

7. Honkai: Star Rail (Global)

This entry highlights the game's dual presence in both the Chinese and global markets.

8. Monster Strike (Japan)

Monster Strike Latest Update Announcements

This title maintains its hold in the domestic Japanese market, showcasing the importance of regional preferences.

9. Arknights (China)

This strategy RPG witnessed a significant 135% increase, hinting at its potential to rise further in the future.

10. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (Japan)

Despite a slight dip in popularity, "Umamusume Pretty Derby" remains a major player in the Japanese mobile gaming market. The game celebrated its 3rd anniversary on February 24, 2024, with the developers expressing gratitude to players on Twitter.

Here's what the official Twitter message said:

"Today, February 24, 2024, '#ウマ娘 Pretty Derby' celebrated its 3rd anniversary since the official start of its service!

Thank you to all the trainers who have guided Umamusume so far!

Thank you for your continued support, Uma Musume, as we continue to run together!"

Official Game's X Account: @uma_musu

This celebratory message highlights the strong connection with the game's player base, known as "trainers," and reiterates the developers' commitment to the game's continued success.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Surges in Revenue with 218% Increase

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle experienced a phenomenal surge in revenue in February 2024, witnessing a staggering 218.18% increase compared to January. The game's revenue skyrocketed from $11 million to a remarkable $35 million, solidifying its position as a mobile gaming powerhouse.

Several factors likely contributed to this impressive growth. The highly anticipated 9th-anniversary celebration within the game was a major draw, attracting new players and encouraging existing players to engage more actively, leading to increased in-game spending. The release of highly sought-after characters like LR Gogeta and Broly during the anniversary further fueled the revenue surge.

The 9th Anniversary Rap Song Advertisement was FIRE!!

Effective marketing strategies, including promotional events, strategic advertisements, and exciting collaborations, likely played a crucial role in boosting player engagement and driving revenue growth. The game's commitment to continuous innovation through exciting features, events, and character introductions undoubtedly contributes to its sustained success and ongoing revenue growth.


The mobile gaming industry continues to showcase its dynamism, with established titles like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle experiencing significant surges in revenue alongside the continued success of fan favorites like Umamusume Pretty Derby. As developers implement engaging strategies and foster strong communities, these games remain at the forefront of the mobile gaming landscape.

Stay tuned for DotGG's analysis and breakdown of March 2024's Gacha Game revenue next month! We'll delve into the latest trends and insights, keeping you informed about this ever-evolving market.

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