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Dominant Gacha Games April 2024: Did Genshin Impact Reclaim the Throne?

Dominant Gacha Games April 2024! Newcomers rise (AFK Journey!), veterans adapt. Events & rewards engage, but monetization concerns some.


What were the Dominant Gacha Games for April 2024? As seen below, we look at the top 10 grossing gacha games for the month of April 2024:

Dominant Gacha Games April 2024 (Top 10 Earners) Source

The gacha gaming market continues to be a powerhouse in the mobile entertainment industry, and April 2024 saw some exciting shifts in the top earners. Genshin Impact reclaimed the "highest earning gacha game of the month" throne! (Yes, I just created that title for them). Genshin grossed a staggering $119,000,000 in April, a significant increase from its March earnings of $68,000,000.

Coming in from the side pocket, a surprise contender emerged in AFK Journey, which experienced a phenomenal growth of 660.00% from March to April, reaching $19,000,000. Who could've thought an AFK game would be received well in the year 2024. These types of games were always frowned upon previously.

We'll analyze the top 10 earners for April 2024 and breakdown some of the things they did right to get the ching ching $$$. Honestly, my monthly "reports" are truly based on assumptions and logics but the real reason behind their success surely exceeds my little explanation here today. But, I know our readers enjoy these types of monthly analysis so here we go!

Genshin Impact ($119,000,000 Revenue)

Genshin Impact's significant revenue jump in April 2024 begs the question: what fueled this growth? While definitive reasons are unavailable without official data, a strong possibility lies in the potential re-run banner for a popular character like Neuvillette. Re-running banners featuring high-demand characters often generate significant interest and in-game spending from players seeking to acquire them.

Honkai: Star Rail ($109,000,000 Revenue)

Honkai: Star Rail's impressive showing in April 2024, with a revenue of $109 million, could be attributed to the introduction of captivating new character banners. Acheron, a powerful Lightning Nihility character, and Aventurine, wielding Imaginary Preservation abilities, might have enticed players to expand their rosters. Gacha games often leverage the allure of unique character designs, and Honkai: Star Rail appears to have capitalized on this strategy effectively.

Love and Deepspace ($35,900,000 Revenue)

Love and Deepspace, a popular Otome game, climbed to the third position in April 2024 with a global revenue of $35.9 million. This rise can be attributed, in part, to a well-executed special event featuring the new 5-star memory, "Xavier: Faint Sensation." The event combined strategic elements to drive player engagement and in-app purchases:

  • Trailer and Giveaway: A captivating trailer for the new memory likely generated excitement and anticipation among players. By running a social media giveaway with attractive prizes, they could have broadened their reach and encouraged player participation.
  • Limited-Time Availability: Offering a boosted drop rate for a limited period creates a sense of urgency, potentially encouraging players to spend in-game currency to acquire the exclusive memory before it disappears.

Naruto Mobile ($33,000,000 Revenue)

Despite being unavailable outside of China, Naruto Mobile secured the fourth position in April 2024 with a revenue of $33 million.

This highlights the enduring popularity of the Naruto franchise within the Chinese market. While established shonen franchises like One Piece, Bleach, and Dragon Ball boast successful global gacha games, Naruto Mobile's case demonstrates the regional market strength a popular IP can possess.

The lack of a global release for Naruto Mobile, likely due to Tencent's limited IP rights outside of China, restricts its potential reach but doesn't diminish its success within its targeted region.

Fate/Grand Order ($24,300,000 Revenue)

FGO's Life and Death of an Illusion in-game event

Fate/Grand Order, a veteran in the gacha market with a global release in 2017, continues to hold strong, securing a spot in April's top earners with a revenue of $24.3 million. This enduring success can be attributed to the game's robust narrative.

FGO's 20 Million Downloads Campaign!

While the concept of "powercreep" exists, particularly in farming efficiency, Fate/Grand Order avoids a system that renders older characters obsolete (Unlike Fire Emblem Heroes). This, coupled with the absence of player-versus-player (PvP) mechanics, fosters a more player-friendly environment where veteran units remain viable. This approach appears to resonate with the game's dedicated fanbase, ensuring its continued relevance.

AFK Journey ($19,000,000 Revenue)

AFK Journey, dubbed the "Genshin Impact of AFK games," has skyrocketed to prominence, securing a spot among April's top earners with a revenue of $19 million. This rapid growth can be attributed, in part, to a highly aggressive marketing campaign blanketing platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. While this approach has generated significant awareness, some players express concerns about the sheer volume of advertisements.

Despite the marketing tactics, player reception appears mixed. The game's art style and idle gameplay mechanics resonate with some, particularly those seeking a relaxing experience. However, criticisms surface regarding the game's monetization practices. Specifically, players point out expensive individual pulls, a lack of transparency around pity rates, and the absence of detailed information about damage formulas. These elements contribute to a perception of a "predatory" business model, which some players find off-putting despite the game's otherwise high production quality.

Honestly, I am surprised by Lilith Games' success with AFK Journey. The P.C. client gave me a bad experience while testing out the game (probably due to my potato P.C.) so I didn't bother to play the game and decided to play ASTRA: Knights of Veda instead.

Persona 5: The Phantom X ($12,100,000 revenue)

Persona 5: The Phantom X, a surprise entry in April's top earners, leverages the beloved franchise for a successful mobile debut. Fans encounter familiar characters and explore expansive Palaces, while rhythm game elements and social features with a twist offer something new.

The gacha system mirrors Genshin Impact, but RNG-based artifacts raise concerns. Combat retains the turn-based core with streamlined mechanics and strategic "Highlight Attacks." Daily activities and guilds provide depth, but technical aspects require polish. Overall, Persona 5: The Phantom X presents a promising mobile experience for Persona fans, with room for growth in monetization and technical aspects.

Top 10 Gacha Game Losers for April 2024

Less Dominant Gacha Games April 2024 (Top 10 Losers) Source

While the top earners of April's gacha market saw impressive growth and dominance, some titles experienced a decline in revenue. Notable decliners include One Punch Man: World, whose earnings plummeted by 66.67%, and Higan: Eruthyll, which saw a drastic decrease of 59.32%.

These drops suggest a potential shift in player interest or a lack of engaging content updates for these titles. It's important to note that without further details, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind the decline. But, we all know that One Punch Man: World was so greedy upon global launch and now they are on their way to speed-run their end-of-service moment very soon.


That's a wrap for dominant gacha games in April 2024!! The gacha gaming market in April 2024 showcased a dynamic landscape, with HoyoVerse's golden egg laying goose like Genshin Impact retaining dominance and surprising newcomers like AFK Journey experiencing meteoric growth. Strategic marketing campaigns and engaging content updates fueled the success of several titles. However, some previously strong contenders faced revenue declines, highlighting the ever-evolving preferences of players (Dragon Ball Dokkan kind of disappeared from the top 10 list pretty fast ya?).

This month's data reveals a trend towards rewarding players for dedication. Titles like Love and Deepspace (The otome force is strong in this one) utilized captivating events to incentivize engagement, while Persona 5: The Phantom X offered generous launch rewards. While some players expressed concerns about aggressive marketing tactics and predatory monetization practices, the overall picture suggests a market striving to balance profitability with player satisfaction (generally, fans are looking forward for the global release date for Persona 5: The Phantom X).

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how developers continue to adapt and innovate. Can established franchises like Naruto Mobile expand their global reach? (most likely not). Will AFK Journey sustain its momentum? (As long as they don't pull a Pay-Tama). Thank you for reading this very long article, there was plenty to analyze and breakdown about (Nevertheless, I'm getting bored looking at Genshin and Star Rail sitting on the throne without any real competition... Hopefully Wuthering Waves will pack a punch).


Special thanks to Reddit user numberlockbs and his website for our analysis today! Check him out with the links below:


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