Love and Deep Space: A Stellar Otome Game

Behold the best romance game of 2024! Love and Deep Space, an Otome Game releases globally and DotGG is here to give our review

An Otome Introduction

Calling all Otome genre fans and husbando seekers! Brace yourselves for Love and Deep Space, the genre-bending game that launches on January 18, 2024. Brought to life by Papergames and Infoldgames, this cosmic escapade combines the thrill of intergalactic romance with the adrenaline rush of real-time combat. Craft your unique heroine, choose your love story from three dashing protagonists, and master your "Evol" abilities to vanquish alien threats. Are you ready to navigate the perilous depths of space while finding your cosmic soulmate?

Did we mentioned romance?

Forge Your Destiny

Forget pre-fab heroines! In Love and Deep Space, YOU take the helm. Sculpt your dream avatar, from skin tone to fiery hairstyles, and customize your voice to command respect or whisper sweet nothings. This is your universe, your story, your destiny.

Character customization in Love and Deep Space

Three Starry Bachelors Await

Xavier, the Radiant Hunter

Charm that blinds like a supernova, secrets veiled in nebulae. Loyalty forged in stardust, ready to sweep you off your cosmic feet.

Will you adventure with Xavier?

Zane, the Brooding Surgeon

Icy exterior, heart sculpted from stardust. Wit like laser fire, challenges your intellect under starry skies. Can you melt the frost and ignite his passion?

Or will you romance with Zayne?

Rafayel, the Fiery Artist

Creativity paints the cosmos, laughter echoes like a celestial melody. Spontaneous adventures, adrenaline-pumping escapades. Will his infectious enthusiasm set your heart ablaze?

Maybe you'll give your heart to Rafayel?

A Symphony of the Cosmos

The visual spectacle in this Otome game, Love and Deep Space is only amplified by the breathtaking soundtrack. Orchestral swells ignite your spirit during battles, while intimate piano melodies whisper under starry skies.

Love and Deep Space Official Theme Song >>CLICK HERE<< for the Official Song Sheet!!

Each scene is meticulously crafted with sound, from the clanging of alien weaponry to the gentle hum of your spaceship's engines. The music is more than background noise – it's a character in its own right, weaving its way through your cosmic journey and leaving a lasting echo in your heart.

Evolve Your Gameplay

Master the art of "Evol," a unique power that lets you unleash devastating attacks alongside your chosen beau.

Blast alien invaders into stardust, dodge their laser barrages, and strategize in real-time battles that test your reflexes and your bond with your interstellar soulmate.

Love and Deep Space's "Wish" System

Surely one of these characters will win the Weibo Award next year

Ready to rewrite the stars in Love and Deep Space? Dive into the celestial "Wish" system, your key to unlocking unforgettable memories with your interstellar beau and unlocking your husbando's full potential!

Think of wishes as cosmic gacha rolls, showering you with special "memories" of your chosen love interest. Each memory unlocks new chapters in your love story, revealing hidden depths and sizzling secrets. But that's not all! Certain memories boost your combat prowess, granting powerful skills and "Evol" upgrades that leave alien invaders trembling.

Two Wish Fountains Await

  • Xspace Echo: For those starting their galactic odyssey, Xspace Echo offers a warm welcome. Here, wishes grant memories with average star ratings, perfect for building your emotional bank and equipping yourself with basic combat tools.
  • Everlasting Dream: Craving cosmic fire and ultimate power? Dive into Everlasting Dream, where rare, high-star memories await. Unleash the full potential of your romance and crush alien hordes with devastating "Evol" attacks, but be warned – these wishes require rarer cosmic treasures.

The Pity System

Remember, persistence is key! Each pull brings you closer to unlocking a guaranteed 5-star memory, the pity system triggers at 70 pulls if not earlier. Additionally, these precious memories can be upgraded, further powering your cosmic prowess and deepening your interstellar romance.

Stars align, hearts ignite, destiny awaits

Love and Deep Space is more than just a game, it's a cosmic odyssey where romance burns brighter than a supernova and adventure explodes across galaxies. Craft your heroine, choose your celestial soulmate, and master the "Evol" to conquer alien threats and rewrite the stars.

Dive into stunning 3D visuals, lose yourself in a breathtaking soundtrack, and let the "Wish" system unlock memories that ignite your heart and unleash your full potential. Pre-register now, brave space cadet, and prepare for blast-off on January 18th! Your cosmic destiny awaits.

Where to download Love and Deep Space?

Love and Deep Space, Otome Game
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