Weibo Games Award 2023: Reverse 1999 Wins!

Reverse: 1999 Wins Outstanding New Game of the Year during Weibo Games Award 2023! DotGG is here to report and give our breakdown about it

Unveiling the Weibo Games Award 2023, a distinct event from Weibo Night, showcasing China's gaming fervor. The hottest mobile games and characters take the spotlight, featuring beloved faces from Genshin Impact, Path to Nowhere, and Light and Night. Wanderer from Genshin Impact rises to the pinnacle, alongside enchanting personas like Evan, Charlie, Sariel, and Osborn from the captivating realm of Light and Night.

Weibo Games Award 2023 Promo

Beyond individual charm, Reverse: 1999 shines as the "Outstanding New Game of the Year." Meanwhile, perennial favorites like Identity V and League of Legends maintain their dominance in the "Top Popular Games" list.

Without delay, let's have a look into the diverse winners of Weibo Games Award 2023, celebrating the dynamic landscape of China's gaming universe.

Note: Weibo Games Award is not to be confused with Weibo Awards or Weibo Night

TOP Most Popular Male Game Characters

  • Wanderer:Genshin Impact
  • Evan:Light and Night
  • Charlie:Light and Night
  • Sariel:Light and Night
  • Osborn:Light and Night

Utmost Popular Games on Weibo

  • For All Time (Lovebrush Chronicles)
  • Identity V
  • Path to Nowhere
  • Genshin Impact
  • Arknights
  • League of Legends
  • Honor of Kings
  • Light and Night
  • Game for Peace
  • Eggy Go

The Most Popular Female Game Characters

  • Shalom:Path to Nowhere
  • Shiranui:Onmyoji
  • Nikki:Nikki
  • Gardener:Identity V
  • Achan:Code: Kite (Ashes of the Kingdom)

Outstanding New Game of the Year


Reverse: 1999 Wins Outstanding New Game of the Year

In a vibrant ceremony celebrating the best of Chinese mobile gaming, Reverse: 1999 defied the odds and snagged the coveted "Outstanding New Game of the Year" award at the Weibo Games Award 2023. This victory isn't just a shiny trophy; it represents a pivotal moment for both the developers and the enthusiastic gaming community.

For the developers, it's a resounding validation of their vision. Reverse: 1999's unique blend of time travel, mystery, and stunning visuals resonated deeply with players, proving that taking creative risks can reap major rewards. This recognition fuels their passion to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming experiences.

Reverse: 1999 wins
Winners proudly showing their trophies

For the players, it's a collective victory. Their vocal support, passionate engagement, and countless hours spent exploring the intricate world of Reverse: 1999 directly contributed to its success. This award acknowledges their power as an active force shaping the future of mobile gaming, encouraging them to continue to demand high-quality, captivating experiences.

But the significance extends beyond a simple "pat on the back." Reverse: 1999's triumph breaks new ground for the genre. Its success paves the way for bolder narrative experimentation and innovative gameplay mechanics in future updates for Reverse: 1999. Players can now expect even more immersive and thought-provoking experiences, thanks to the momentum generated by this award.


So, while the golden trophy may sit on the developers' shelf, the true impact of Reverse: 1999's victory ripples through the entire gaming community. It's a testament to the power of daring creativity, dedicated development, and passionate player support. With this award, the clock has reset on what's possible in mobile gaming, a niche turn-based card game CAN be successful!

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