Reverse: 1999 Partners with Pizza Hut in China

Reverse: 1999 partners with Pizza Hut! Grab merch, skins and in-store fun with Regulus, Mathilda and Erza! (May 9th-June 8th)


Reverse: 1999 Partners with Pizza Hut for Exclusive Merch and In-Store Events in China! Get ready for a delicious collaboration with Pizza Hut, bringing your favorite characters to life from May 9th to June 8th, 2024. Not long ago, we kind of reported about this collaboration.

Reverse: 1999 X Pizza Hut Commercial PV

Reverse: 1999 X Pizza Hut

Regulus "May the Pizza be with us" Cosplay with a Pizza Hut ship at BluePoch (Source)

Bluepoch, the game's publisher, is teaming up with Pizza Hut to offer exclusive merchandise to players who purchase specific set meals. These meals will come with limited-edition badges, laser tickets, and tableware featuring designs from both Reverse: 1999 and Pizza Hut. Pre-orders for these special sets kick off on April 29th and run until May 8th, so don't miss your chance!

Special in-game emote!

The collaboration goes beyond just food. Select Pizza Hut locations will be decorated in the spirit of Reverse: 1999, complete with character standees for an immersive dining experience. Fans who can't make it to China can still join the fun with a special collaboration emote set released within the game.

Special Collaboration Skin

This exciting partnership also features a special collaboration skin, "The Great Taste Investigator," for the popular character Matilda. Players who purchase the Matilda-themed set will unlock this exclusive skin, adding a flavorful touch to their gameplay.


While there's no word yet on whether this collaboration will extend to other regions, the Reverse: 1999 mobile game continues to conquer charts worldwide.

Originally launched in October 2023, the strategic RPG has amassed over 20 million users and shows no signs of slowing down. So, download Reverse: 1999 today and get ready to celebrate the season where Reverse: 1999 partners with Pizza Hut, even if you can't physically be in China!

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