Your Long-Lost Friends: An Event for Returning Players

Returning to Reverse:1999 after a break? The new "Your Long-Lost Friends" event welcomes you back with rewards, resource bonuses and more!

Coming Back to Play Reverse:1999!

Your Long-Lost Friends is an event for returning Timekeepers into the game like myself! It's been a month since my last adventure in Reverse:1999 Version 1.3, and I'm thrilled to be back! Upon logging in, I was greeted by a heartwarming cutscene featuring Vertin's reunion with her friends. This sparked my excitement to revisit the game and share my experiences with you, our valued readers.

In the spirit of this renewed enthusiasm, I'll be providing regular updates, news, character guides, and more throughout March 2024. Thank you for your continued support of DotGG, even during my one-month hiatus. Now, let's dive into the exciting details of the new "Your Long-Lost Friends" event!

What is the "Your Long-Lost Friends" Event?

This new recurring event welcomes returning players like myself back to Reverse:1999 with a treasure trove of rewards. Eligible players can enjoy a one-time reward, daily and cumulative task rewards, raid reward bonuses, and a generous sign-in bonus.

Sigh... There was no other YouTubers showing the cut-scene so I had to upload it myself...


  • Completed the main story "In Our Time"
  • Logged in at least 21 days prior to the Version 1.3 update
  • Haven't logged in for 42 days since the previous "Your Long-Lost Friends" event

Event Duration

Starts after the Version 1.3 update

Event Rewards

A 7-day Trip Back

Log in for 7 days to get all rewards

The Beginning of A New Story

Collect "Ticket Home" everyday to unlock all rewards

A Fresh Start

Double resources bonuses for Mintage Aesthetics, The Poussiere and Insight stages

Rejoice At The Reunion

One-time gift bonus

A Warm Welcome for Returning Players

I deeply appreciate the developers' efforts in making returning players feel valued. The free rewards are fantastic, offering significant benefits for free-to-play players like myself, especially within the next 7-13 days. Additionally, the generous Clear drops provide a significant boost to my account, allowing me to save up for upcoming banners in Version 1.4.

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