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A. P. Raphael has been playing video games since he was 4 years old and has never stopped loving them. He is also a casual writer who delights in sharing his passion for gaming with others through quirky articles. Sometimes, Raphael also likes to make people laugh with gaming jokes in his writing.

New collectibles for Reverse: 1999 revealed

Explore Exclusive Reverse: 1999 Collectibles Revealed! Bluepoch unveils a stunning lineup, from Vertin's 3D portrait to a Café merch line collaboration with IPSTAR Chaowan Planet. Vertin's collectible set for release on December 31st, 2023, these limited edition treasures promise to elevate your collection. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of the Reverse: 1999 official merchandise!

Jessica EP ‘Catch You Now’ Lyrics

Catch You Now: Jessica's Theme Song Arrives! The wait is over! Bluepoch just dropped Jessica's official EP, "Catch You Now," featuring an epic song by acclaimed composer Adam Gubman and powerhouse vocals from Moana Avvenenti. Dive into Jess's world of love, friendship, and fighting nightmares with catchy lyrics and Gubman's signature magic. Get lost in this EP that lingers long after the final note!

A Tooth for a Tooth Event Guide

Don't let the event's cryptic title fool you – "A Tooth for a Tooth" is actually easy and casual. Just follow our guide, avoid lowballing Big-tooth Jack, and you'll be swimming in growth materials and Clear Drops before you you know it. Even if you're not a master trader, setting the minimum price still nets you sweet rewards. So, chill, relax, and let the just give Jack want he wants every day until the event ends.

One Flew Over the Old House Event Complete Guide

Unlock all Achievements of "One Flew Over the Old House" Event in Reverse: 1999 Explore the Jessica's side story of Reverse: 1999 with our comprehensive guide to the "One Flew Over the Old House" event. Discover rewards, navigate event basics, and achieve 100% completion with our strategic tips. Uncover the key to unlocking invites, locations, and endings, all while maximizing your gameplay efficiency. Join us on this journey through St. Pavlov Foundation, ensuring a successful and fulfilling experience. Happy New Year 2024 from DotGG and myself! For an in-depth walkthrough, read the complete guide!

The Changeling Awaits [Time-limited character summoning event]

As the "The Changeling Awaits" summon event dazzles in "Reverse: 1999," we encourage players to summon wisely. While the allure of obtaining Jessica, Horropedia, and Necrologist is strong, it's crucial to spend within your means. Set a budget, enjoy the thrill responsibly, and prioritize your financial well-being. Remember, gaming should be enjoyable, not burdensome. Happy summoning, and may your gacha adventures be both thrilling and mindful!

Jessica Character Guide – The META Poison Team’s Main DPS

Ultimate guide for Jessica, the META Poison Team's Main DPS in "Reverse: 1999." Dive into her potent skills like "White Blankie" and "Good Friends," each offering strategic nuances tied to the [Poison] status. Jessica's ultimate skill, "Gaze from the Forest," is a battlefield game-changer, dealing massive Reality DMG and inflicting lasting [Poison]. Uncover the dynamic layers of her passive skill, "Changeling," and discover why "Blasphemer of Night" is the ultimate weapon choice. Master the best resonate arrangements and team compositions to maximize Jessica's potential. Our guide ensures you're well-equipped to answer the crucial question: Should you pull for Jessica? Explore the complete character breakdown and make an informed decision for your journey in "Reverse: 1999."

Horropedia Character Guide

Unleash a great utility character! This in-depth guide looks into Horropedia's chilling arsenal in Reverse: 1999. Master his dispel magic, strategic damage buffs, and fear-inducing ultimate to debuff enemies and dominate the battlefield. Discover hidden synergies, advanced strategies, and some advice about team compositions to make Horropedia your most potent weapon. Silence the buffs, amplify the fear, conquer your foes!

Reverse: 1999’s Winter Special Events Review

Reverse: 1999 Holiday Event dates and times! Log in from Dec 23rd to Jan 6th for a blizzard of free rewards: Get FREE resources, Clear Drops, and more! Unravel "The Golden Threads" for a guaranteed 6-star like Druvis III or Centurion! Score holiday packs bursting with Clear Drops, Unilogs, and even Gluttony! Blast into the New Year with DotGG, your guide to conquering every timeline in Reverse: 1999! Bookmark us today!

Black Dwarf Bait? Should You Pull for Eternity Before She Arrives?

Calling all Reverse: 1999 enthusiasts! Prepare for a strategic curveball with the surprise release of the Eternity Banner, just a few hours ago. This unexpected addition throws the planned CN Banner schedule out the window and presents a tempting alternative to the ongoing Jessica Banner. But is Eternity worth your precious pulls, or should you hold out for the highly anticipated Black Dwarf? Let's dissect the Banner, analyze Charlie's surprise appearance, and strategize your next move!

The Fairies Shining at Night

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.2: A Nightmare at Green Lake Time-Limited Banner for rate-up characters Tooth Fairy (6★), Blonney (5★), and Bkornblume (5★) from December 7 until December 28.
Where the Star Alighted

Where the Star Alighted

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.2: A Nightmare at Green Lake Pick-up Banner for rate-up characters Voyager (6★), X (5★), and Balloon Party (5★) from December 5 until December 19.

Is Resonate Level 15 Worth It?

In Reverse: 1999, the debate surrounding Resonate level is discussed among the community members, with players divided on whether to pursue Resonance level 10 or venture beyond. At the heart of this discussion lies the delicate balance between character strength…