An-an Lee Character Guide – The Best Utility Unit

An-an Lee Character Guide - The Best Support Character in Reverse: 1999 without a doubt.

Guide Introduction

Welcome to DotGG's in-depth guide on mastering An-an Lee, a pivotal character in our beloved gacha game "Reverse: 1999." As a 6-star Plant Afflatus support character packed with Reality Type DMG capabilities, An-an Lee brings a unique blend of versatility and firepower to your team. In this guide, we'll explore her skills, strategic insights, and optimal team synergies, helping you out to optimize her to the best of her capabilities.

Character Details

An-an Lee's Skill Set

Ultimate: Scientific Ghost Buster

Her ultimate deals AoE damage to the enemies and after that, An-an Lee will gain [Empower Incantation I] status for 2 rounds. With this ultimate, An-an Lee doesn't rely on card movements to upgrade her cards during battle. This status makes this character into a AP-positive character that many main damage dealers would love in their teams.

Skill 1: Taoist Rune

Taoist Rune is one of the most busted skills in the game considering An-an Lee can upgrade her skill cards easily with both her Insight and Ultimate. Her [Daze] skill is like a combination of Sonetto's [Disarm] and Зима's [Silence] which disrupts the enemy's incantations effectively. If you manage to pull for An-an Lee, just know that she's a direct upgrade to Sonetto.

Skill 2: Lily Nectar

Lily Nectar provides both an offensive and defensive utility for the team. You want to kill the enemy? Pop Lily Nextar! You want to help your team defensively? Pop Lily Nextar! Easy.

Insight: Time to Work

Understanding An-an Lee's passive skill (Insight) is key to using her successfully in the game. Always place the incantation you want upgraded on the right side. You need to [Daze] the enemy? Place Taoist Rune at the right-most position. You need to buff your team's overall damage output? Place Lily Nectar at the right-most position. Combining this skill with her ultimate, An-an Lee can just sit back and let the main damage dealer harp on action points. She'll be upgrading her own cards passively effectively once she reaches insight lvl.3.

Optimizing Resonance and Psychubes

Best Resonate Build

Personally, I would advice to go for an attack focused build

Best Psychubes

An-an Lee The Best Teammate

An-an Lee's universal buff makes her a versatile addition to any team. For a damage-centric approach, consider pairing her with Bkornblume, amplifying reality damage synergies. Complementing An-an Lee with traditional healers or supports enhances overall team dynamics, offering a balanced strategy. When An-an Lee is in your team, it provides so much flexibility and utility to ensure your main damage dealers and healers gets their AP.


Character Guide Conclusion

In conclusion, An-an Lee emerges as a formidable force in "Reverse: 1999," seamlessly blending support and damage capabilities. Whether you choose to focus on her supportive role or unleash her as a secondary DPS, An-an Lee's kit offers valuable tools for diverse team compositions. Experiment with resonance and Psychubes choices to tailor her strengths to your preferred playstyle. We hope DotGG's Reverse: 1999 An-an Lee Character Guide has helped you gain some knowledge on how to utilize her in your future teams!

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