Memories Along The Way (Official Discord Event)

Memories Along The Way: Share your thoughts on story/gameplay/music in Discord. In-game items & $20 cash prizes!

Embark on a Journey Through Memories in Reverse: 1999's V1.3 Event

In the brief span of a day, some turn their eyes to the starry sky; others stay grounded, breaking through barriers. In the end, all shall find themselves beneath the shared canopy of stars.

Reverse: 1999 | Twitter Post

Calling all travelers of Reverse: 1999 to join the Official Discord Event: Memories Along The Way! Your southern sojourn continues with the captivating V1.3 update, and now you have a chance to win big while sharing your experiences.

Aromatic Adventures and Distant Dreams


The "Memories Along The Way" event invites you to delve deeper into the game's enchanting narrative. Whispers of mango, echoing bells, and unearthed memories – V1.3 promises a tapestry of emotions and discoveries. Did you return home a changed soul? Did you boldly venture forth? Or perhaps you unlocked a celestial gateway, reaching for the stars?

Share Your Story, Reap the Rewards

Version 1.3 EP - Journey to Mor Pankh | Reverse: 1999
Version 1.3 EP - "The Treasure Hunters" | Reverse: 1999

Share your thoughts on the story, gameplay, and music of V1.3 in the #ver1•3-memories-along-the-way channel on the official Discord server. Not only will your voice be heard, but you could also walk away with:

  • In-game item rewards for every participant – Claim your loot after sharing your thoughts in the designated channel.
  • $20 cash for 20 lucky commenters – Let your words shine and you could be among the chosen few.

The event runs from January 27th to February 9th (UTC-5), so don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate your Reverse: 1999 adventures and be rewarded for your insights. Head over to the Discord server now, unlock your voice, and let the memories flow!


  • Use Discord's #ver1•3-memories-along-the-way channel for event participation.
  • Share your thoughts on the story, gameplay, and music of V1.3.
  • Claim your in-game item rewards after posting your thoughts.

Join the conversation on Discord, share your unique perspective, and claim your well-deserved rewards. The memories await.

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