Reverse: 1999 Tier List

Welcome to the Reverse: 1999 Tier List! We hope that our character tier list will help new players to plan ahead on how they will use their resources to build their teams efficiently. Unless you don’t mind about the meta and just want to invest in a character however you want to, this tier list will help you to know what characters to build from the early stages towards the end game content of Reverse: 1999.

Tier Explanations

We have broken down the character tier list into 6 categories namely:

  • S Tier - Meta-Defining Characters:
    • Investing in these characters is a top priority. They provide exceptional performance across various game modes, including story mode, general content, and endgame challenges. Their strengths are undeniable, making them invaluable assets for any team composition.
    • Using these characters can greatly help your progression in both Limbo and UTTU Event contents
  • A Tier - Reliable and Versatile Picks:
    • These characters offer a balance of strength, versatility, and ease of use. While they may not reach the peak performance of S-tier characters, they consistently deliver solid results and can be effectively integrated into various team compositions.
    • Characters in this list can still be used to clear both Limbo and UTTU Events comfortably with the right team composition
  • B Tier - Situational Crew Members:
    • Characters in this tier possess unique strengths that can shine brightly under specific circumstances or when paired with the right team composition. They offer strategic value and can be potent additions to specialized teams.
  • C Tier - Decent Characters:
    • These characters cater to specific roles or situations and may require additional investment or carefully curated team setups to maximize their effectiveness. Their value is somewhat limited compared to higher-tier characters, but they can still be useful in certain contexts.
    • Unless you don’t mind repeating the same stages in both Limbo and UTTU continuously until you get the win, it’s better to build higher tier characters to help you go through the end game contents.
  • D Tier - Limited Utility:
    • Characters in this tier may struggle to keep up with the demands of higher-level content. Their strengths may be overshadowed by other characters, or their utility may not be as impactful as their counterparts. While they can still be used in casual play, investing resources in them should be carefully considered.
  • Niche Tier - Niche and Situational:
    • These characters offer unique abilities or skills that can provide a tactical advantage in specific situations. However, their overall effectiveness is limited due to their reliance on specific conditions or team compositions. They can still be valuable additions to specialized teams, but their use is less generalizable.



  • These are the characters that will be available upon the game's global release.
  • Charlie is a very strong carry, but she may need Portray 3 to be comparable to 6-star carries.
  • We will be doing character guides as the weeks progresses to see together why our team believes the tier classification for each character and help our readers how to manage their character and build teams more efficiently.