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Reverse: 1999 Tier List Update – Global Launch Week

The DotGG team enjoyed playing Reverse: 1999 on launch day! We discuss about some characters and make updates to the ratings on our Tier List!

To our regular visitors at DotGG, you must have noticed some changes to our Reverse: 1999 Tier List. Here are the reasons why we made some changes to certain character's ratings. We will make these kinds of updates from time to time to ensure that our readers are well-informed about the current meta of the game and to help players wisely invest in certain characters for the midgame and endgame content while playing Reverse: 1999.

We also made some nice visual improvements, and added tags for character roles!

A Knight – From S Tier to A Tier


  • His kit is very useful to clear small mobs of enemies but falls short when going against single-target boss fight
  • During single-target boss fights, his “justice” skill doesn’t have any other targets to make this skill as effective as while battling a group of enemies
  • At the moment, there are not much Intellect enemies to take advantage of those juicy extra damage it should get
  • This situation might change when more updates drops in the future and more Intellect enemies comes up
  • Until then, A Knight should be placed as an A-tier character

Baby Blue – From B Tier to A Tier


  • A reliable character to slot into your Mental DMG focused team
  • When used in a your Mental DMG team, it gives a major boost of the overall damage output for all other allies
  • The damage debuff from “Cough Syrup” can come clutch just before an enemy does an ultimate attack and the great thing is, this skill applies to ALL enemies
  • “Tea Party” at lvl.3 does a whopping -35% Mental DEF debuff which is no joke

Dikke – From B Tier to A Tier


  • Dikke has a great flexible kit when we assessed her closely where she’ll fit into most teams easily
  • Her ultimate “Maverick Judge” is super helpful for herself when inflicted by debuffs and can be self-sustaining by protecting herself from debuff statuses just before an enemy’s attack/ultimate with [Immunity]
  • When everyone else is inflicted with status debuffs, she will be available to do what's necessary for the team
  • Good hybrid damage dealer and healer unit with her skills “Power” and “Justice”
  • Since the contents on launch week deals with enemies that doesn’t require a team with an absolute pure healer character, Dikke fits well being a healer that can dish out damage as well
  • Great replacement for APPLe for F2P players

Eagle – From C Tier to B Tier


  • Easy to build since she is a 3-star character
  • Current event will reimburse your resources that was initially dumped on her
  • Not much plant main DPS units at the moment (until future updates)
  • Reliable and also an overall better DPS unit compared to Leilani for F2P players

Twin Sleep – From D Tier to B Tier


  • This was a sleeper unit we overlooked when trying to do Critical Damage oriented teams
  • “Hide and Seek” that inflicts Critical DEF -20%/-30%/-40% at lvl.1 – lvl.3 respectively is the sole reason we bump this character to B-tier
  • This character (or characters… wink wink) is also great for Mental DMG teams if you don’t have Baby Blue with their skill “Pincer Movement” which gives Mental DEF debuff to an enemy (single target)
  • If you get Lilya earlier on in the beginner’s banner (like myself), this unit enables her kit like a charm

Bunny Bunny – From C Tier to D Tier


  • Her passive skill “Best Employee” only lasts for 2 rounds
  • Her “Sweet Gloves” inflicts [Nasty Wounds] which disables the enemy from healing more effectively (by -50%) is so niche and we can’t justify using this character when up against enemies that doesn’t care about healing themselves
  • Unless you’re the “waifu over meta” gamer, investing your resources on this character is an absolute waste

Bonus Tip: Click might be a sleeper character that’s being overlooked!


  • When looked closely, this character is an absolute beast of a tanker
  • His kit is the epitome of a character that enjoys long boss fight battles with “Witness” ensuring the enemy doesn’t proc their ultimate as often as they want and “Spectator” inflicting [Blind] making enemy’s final damage has a -30% bonus damage to a single target
  • His passive skill “New Photography Theory” and ultimate “Valuable Good Photo” revolves around [Lens Cap] theme that reduces Reality DMG (+50% buff) for himself and also allies
  • When dealing with a boss that deals massive Reality DMG, having Click in your team will definitely enable you to cheese out the battle easily with how his kit is designed
  • The only reason we’re not bumping him to a higher tier as of now is because there is no good reason to use a ‘tank’ character with how easy for us to clear early content with just the free characters given (Sonetto, APPLe, Eagle & Leilani + 6-star unit from beginner’s banner)
  • We’ll be watching this character closely throughout future updates closely and with great interest…

We hope you will visit us at DotGG again! Until next time.

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