Tennant and Pickles Garment Preview

Tennant and Pickles Garment Preview! Explore stunning new Garments, with epic battle animations and Wilderness Mode motions.


Timekeepers, wake up! As we anticipate the arrival of Version 1.3 Journey to Mor Pankh, introducing fresh twists for two remarkable characters: Pickles and Tennant. Pickles, a powerhouse of versatility and damage, and Tennant, a master of shielding, debuffing, and DPS, are on the verge of unveiling their stunning new in-game skins, or "Garments."

In this exclusive Tennant and Pickles Garment preview, we dive into the captivating features and aesthetics that define Tennant and Pickles' Garment Preview, offering players an exciting glimpse into the upcoming update. Let's get the preview going!

Tennant's Roaming in Delhi

Tennant's new entrance effect in battle and new motions in Wilderness

"Will the ancient city remember who she was before she wrapped herself in lies and layers of disguise."

Roaming in Delhi

Pickles' The Young Dog and The Sea

The garment's new entrance effect in battle and new motions in Wilderness

"All philosophical notions aside, to live the good life a philosopher needs sunshine, sandcastles, and his friends along for the journey."

The Young Dog and The Sea

Spot-on Elegance: Pickles and Tennant's Aesthetic Journey in Version 1.3

Did you know? "Mor Pankh" means peacock feathers, symbolizing beauty and rebirth in Hindu mythology. In Version 1.3, Pickles and Tennant's Garments draw inspiration, embodying elegance and renewal. Pickles' "The Young Dog and The Sea" mirrors the vibrancy of ocean hues, while Tennant's "Roaming in Delhi" captures the cultural richness, fusing tradition with a modern twist.


Get ready for an epic visual feast in battle as Tennant and Pickles showcase their new Garments. The stunning entrance animations and Wilderness Mode motions elevate the gaming experience. For more Reverse: 1999 updates, news, and excitement, don't forget to bookmark DotGG.gg. Stay tuned for the thrilling journey that lies ahead in Version 1.3 Journey to Mor Pankh!

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