Prepare for Journey to Mor Pankh: Trailers, Web Event & More!

Prepare for Journey to Mor Pankh! Join the web event, meet powerful new characters and enjoy new epic trailer for Reverse:1999, Version 1.3!

Journey Introduction

Make yourself ready and prepare for Journey to Mor Pankh! Reverse: 1999's Version 1.3 looms on the horizon, promising untold mysteries and vibrant adventures. Gear up, Timekeepers, for this update unlocks a treasure trove of content: dive into captivating web events, unveil dazzling new character skins, and welcome powerful heroes like Kanjira and Kaalaa Baunaa to your team. Pack your thirst for excitement and sharpen your curiosity – the journey to Mor Pankh awaits!

Amidst the Stars - Web Event is LIVE!

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Dive headfirst into the celestial mysteries of the "Amidst the Stars" web event, exclusive to Version 1.3! Journey under the enigmatic night sky, unraveling celestial gleams and uncovering hidden truths. But be warned, Timekeepers, for the answers you seek may lie beyond the familiar constellations.

Participate from January 12th to January 30th (UTC-5) and reap your rewards: 60 Clear Drops and a chance to win Version 1.3 Merch by sharing your results with #Reverse1999! Get ready to explore the cosmos and chart your destiny under the starry expanse.

New Faces, New Fates - Meet the Featured Characters of Mor Pankh

Prepare to welcome two formidable champions to your ranks:


Kanjira, the enigmatic Plant DPS, and Kaalaa Baunaa, the enigmatic Mineral master. Kanjira weaves verdant power into her arcane skills, lulling enemies into slumber before unleashing a potent mental blow. Her playful spirit shines through in her mischievous quotes, hinting at depths yet to be discovered.


Kaalaa Baunaa, cloaked in an air of mystery, dances with the shadows, wielding the night sky as her arsenal. Her arcane skills paint mesmerizing visuals while her ultimate unleashes a targeted mental strike. But her true power lies in harnessing the "Planet" mechanic, offering awesome combinations and tactical nuances. Will she replace Eternity as the number 1 Mineral Afflatus main damage dealer?

Journey to Mor Pankh Trailers are FIRE!

Brace yourselves for a cinematic spectacle as the trailers for Version 1.3 paint a breathtaking picture of the Mor Pankh adventure. Brace yourself for breathtaking landscapes bathed in an otherworldly glow, as whispers of ancient secrets and hidden wonders permeate the air. Witness enigmatic figures cloaked in mystery, their motives veiled yet their presence undeniable. Experience the thrill of pulse-pounding action sequences, where dazzling effects and masterful combat choreography take center stage. Each trailer is a cryptic puzzle piece, hinting at the grand narrative that awaits within Mor Pankh.

Version 1.3 Trailer - "Journey to Mor Pankh" | Reverse: 1999
Kaalaa Baunaa Trailer - "Witnessed by the Secondary Star" | Reverse: 1999
Version 1.3 Garment Trailer - Visitors to the South | Reverse: 1999

Let these visual glimpses ignite your imagination and fuel your anticipation for the journey ahead. Seriously, I wish that Version 1.3 updates drops tomorrow! I've completed all Version 1.2 events and been listening to Jessica's EP so many times already.

Journey Mor Pankh Awaits

With the celestial gleam of the "Amidst the Stars" event is now LIVE, the enigmatic allure of new upcoming characters like Kanjira and Kaalaa Baunaa, and the pulse-pounding whispers of the Version 1.3 trailers, one thing is clear: Prepare for Journey to Mor Pankh! because this next update is poised to be an unforgettable odyssey. Mark your calendars, Timekeepers Version 1.3 will be dropping in a few more days! In the mean time, I'll be counting my summons and also clear drops to see if I can pull for Kaala and Kanjira when their banners arrives.

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