Artificial Somnambulism and Limbo Guide

An introduction and guide to the endgame content of Reverse: 1999 the Surface and Limbo stages of the Artificial Somnambulism!

The endgame content for Genshin Impact is Spiral Abyss, while for Honkai: Star Rail, it's the Forgotten Hall. For players who have been with Reverse: 1999 since its release, we’ll find out that the endgame content is Artificial Somnambulism and the Limbo stages.

Where to find Artificial Somnambulism

To access this mode, players must complete Chapter Two of the main story, "Tender is the Night," and begin Chapter Three, "Nouvelles et Textes pour rien." Once unlocked, Artificial Somnambulism consists of two main parts: Surface and Limbo.


Surface consists of ten "dreams," each with five stages and its own unique rules and story. Timekeepers progress through these stages by defeating enemies and collecting stars.

  • Each dream has its own unique theme and gameplay mechanics.
  • Players can replay Surface stages without consuming Activity points.
  • Stars are used to unlock rewards, such as new characters and equipment.
Featured card during 'surface' dream stages
Unique rules in 'surface'


Limbo is a more challenging version of Surface with increased difficulty and special rules that apply to all stages. It's designed for experienced players who are looking for a more intense challenge.

  • Limbo stages are significantly more difficult than Surface stages.
  • Limbo stages have special rules that apply to all stages.
  • Limbo stages are a good way to earn high-level rewards.

Limbo stages are available after you complete all the 10 dreams in “Surface” and is considered the ‘real’ end game content for Reverse: 1999. Limbo has a total of 6 stages and has regular scheduled resets every month:

  • Time:           5:00 AM (UTC-5)
  • Date:           1st and 16th every month
November 16th 2023 Limbo Stage Rules
Unknown Dream 16 or Limbo VI is that last stage

The Retain & Offline feature

As you progress deeper into Artificial Somnambulism from surface to limbo, the gameplay with get more and more challenging. You’ll be required to eventually build 2 teams to tackle the stages up until dream number 16. When you complete a stage, some of the characters will be ‘offline’ and will not be available for selection for the next stage.

Retain & Offline feature

The Rewards

After completing the first 10 dreams in surface you will be getting a weekly reward based on how many stars you have obtained, in addition of the the rewards for clearing each stage the first time. Limbo will net players with 600 clear drops 2160 oneiric fluid and 30k sharpodonty if they are able to complete all the stages from unknown dream 11 to unknown dream 16.

Limbo Guide 16th – 30th November 2023

For the upcoming article, we’ll be giving our readers some tips and tricks to tackle the latest Limbo and it will be helpful for free-to-play players and spenders alike. Stay tuned and hope to see you in the next one.

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