F2P Limbo Guide Featuring PayneBlade

PayneBlade is destroying the Reverse: 1999’s endgame content using 3-star and 4-star characters only like a boss!

Limbo just reset recently a few days ago and we’re here to break down with you PayneBlade’s Artificial Somnambulism in Limbo. We had a short chat via Discord and he was kind enough to share with us some tips and tricks about the 2 teams he used to tackle the Limbo stages this month by using only 3-star and 4-star characters only.

PayneBlade is a part time content creator from Canada and has been creating YouTube content for various games such Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes, FFVII: Ever Crisis and other games along with Reverse: 1999. In this article, we’ll be looking into his free-to-play account he has been using to tackle Limbo this month (November 2023) and show you guys some of his videos here too.

Before getting into it, here are some links for you to find more of PayneBlade’s content for the game: YouTube & Discord.

Proof of PayneBlade's Limbo Run

The Current Limbo Rules

Limbo Stage Rules: [Ally] Attacks against enemies of a weaker Afflatus with Ultimate to increase DMG by 30%. Basically, you would want to setup your DPS to have Afflatus advantages against the enemy and get those sweet bonus damages. Nevertheless, let’s get into Payne’s team breakdown and his justification of choosing each character.

PayneBlade’s Characters Selection

From the list of characters in his crew (please refer to the videos above), we can see that he has built the following:

Source: YouTube Video
  • Eagle
  • Mondlicht
  • Pavia
  • Nick Bottom
  • Rabies
  • La Source
  • The Fool
  • APPLe
  • Alien T
  • Twin Sleep

For early November’s Limbo, we can see that he has completed all Limbo stages up until stage VI. Using a team consisting of: The Fool, Nick Bottom, La Source and Pavia. When we reached out to ask him about his team and his future plans, here was his response:

A.P. Raphael: What inspired you to use the team?

PayneBlade: Limbo 5-2 team - The fool, la source, nick bottoms and eagle.It was originally something I theory crafted.

I knew The Fool had a corrode effect that was powerful and a very good insight to mitigate dmg for 2 rounds. His corrode also equally did dmg for 2 turns on enemies that attacked him. Corrode stacking 2 turns also allowed for breathing room in case I needed to not taunt again and heal up (taunt being one turn). His ultimate adding another turn to corrode helped and with the right Psychube could also a heal with his AoE ATK. He can also remove moxie with his attack. He would be the ultimate tank and dmg dealer if he could survive.

Nick Bottom was the wild card. His mitigation buff was cheap and VERY strong and not to mention his moxie removal on attack matched the fools so now I had 3 units that could remove moxie. Nick's ultimate is insanely powerful as well. His ability to transfer his remaining health to ur choice of unit and buff them with a shield, immunity to all status effects is critical to surviving big attacks such as limbo 5-2 ultimates and not being silenced. Couple this with his mitigation buff, the fool was taking only 1k dmg per ultimate vs 3k. The only downside is you need to be ready to heal nick quickly in that same round as he has no health due to the transfer. That's where la source came in with her heal.

PayneBlade clearing Limbo Stage VI for November's earlier Limbo

La Source is an amazing healer with decent AoE dmg but most importantly her ability to remove a full moxie off of opponents. She is easy to build and easy to max portray. She was a no Brainer for this challenge account.

Eagle was used for her AoE to simply finish off the 2 Matildas [the Limbo enemy] evenly as she had the afflatus advantage and also the AoEe dmg and her crit rate gave her the most dmg output from a 3 and 4-star perspective

A.P. Raphael: Would you be doing a similar run in the future?

PayneBlade: Yes, I will continue this [challenge] forever until it's impossible then move onto only using 5-star [characters] on this account. It is a challenge account to only use NON-META 5-star to 6-star. BUT I will not use any 5-star [characters] until all 3 and 4 stars have been used first and tested.

After that, we can look into his breakdown on Pavia as a main DPS carry from his video below:

From the video, we learn that Pavia is a flexible character that you can build as a main damage dealer or even a supportive character. Some of the highlights mentioned by Payne in his video are:

  • Reliable self-healing DPS
  • Cost-effective and powerful carry option in the game.
  • Gets stronger after allies’ death
  • Enters the battle and automatically reduce 8% damage received making him a little more bulky

Analysing PayneBlade’s Limbo Achievement

Currently he has cleared Limbo Stage V with about 12 – 13 days to spare before the next reset to finish off Stage VI. With just low rarity characters, he basically has proven that tier list is subjective and shouldn’t be used as a hard rule to religiously follow in order to beat all the game’s content from the main story to events and Limbo.

PayneBlade just finishing Limbo Stage V with more than 10 days to spare before reset

When I first saw the earlier video, he made talking about his new Reverse: 1999 account, I just couldn’t help to reach out to him and get to know more about his team justification and his though processes when choosing them. It was made clear in his videos that he went through many trials and errors trying to go through the stages and had to think thoroughly about his character selections as well as strategies before heading into battles.

For example, when he had some trouble getting pass a stage for some time, he went on building Twin Sleep in order use her skill set to lower the enemy’s Crit DEF – Which then allowed Pavia to do more damage and burst the boss down as shown in his YouTube livestream below:

From his gameplay, we could see that he actually did the testing of each character, team comps and also confirming his theory-crafting with how each character compliments with each other. For example, his The Fool – Nick Bottom – La Source team could control the battle with inflicting –Moxie towards the enemy to avoid their ultimates from ever getting off while dishing out consistent damage, DEF buff and healing until the opponent is dead. Combinations between Twin Sleep – Pavia makes Pavia do insane damage with Twin Sleep’s debuff, ability to inflict [Nightmare] and also reduce Mental DEF. It wasn’t an immediate discovery by PayneBlade but instead by actually testing out each character and team comp to slowly climb Limbo stages.


We hope that PayneBlade will be able to clear out the final stage of Limbo before reset come December 2023 and we will be looking into his Reverse: 1999 career closely and with great interest. Our main takeaway is this, if you’re struggling with Limbo this time around you have to remember that:

  • Tests out different team compositions to beat the enemy
  • Consider building a cost effective DPS main carry like Pavia if you’re lacking a damage dealer for your second team in Limbo
  • La Source is mostly an underrated healer and can deplete the enemy’s Moxie by -4 with her ultimate and control the battle effectively
  • If PayneBlade could reach deep into Limbo with 3 & 4-star characters, it’s really not far-fetched to think that you’ll be able to do the same with 5 & 6-star characters
  • Twin Sleep being a 3-star character is a great support character that can assist boosting your team’s overall damage if you don’t have Bkornblume to begin with
  • Building low rarity characters as of now is much more cost efficient
Twin Sleep & Pavia combo

Don’t forget to pay PayneBlade’s YouTube Channel & Discord Server! We also want to appreciate his permission to write about his Limbo run and his time to talk with us via Discord. Thank you to all our readers as well and hopefully we all will be able to clear this month's second Limbo!

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