UTTU Guide: A Night Visit to the Lake | Version 1.2

New Vertin cards unleash critical mayhem! "Personal Breakthrough" & "With George the Oak" dominate UTTU 1.2. Discover powerful combos, master the market, and grab the limited Eagle skin!
UTTU Guide: A Night Visit to the Lake | Version 1.2

UTTU Flash Gathering: A Night Visit to the Lake

UTTU Flash Gathering: A Night Visit | Version 1.2 | Reverse: 1999 details

It's that time of the end of a patch where we get to challenge Reverse: 1999's end-game content and DotGG is here to give our readers some Version 1.2 UTTU Guide. This guide won't be as detailed as a complete walkthrough as some of you readers have experienced the previous UTTU Event. This time around, UTTU Flash Gathering: A Night Visit to the Lake is more or less the same as the previous UTTU event. Nevertheless, considering there are new players that would benefit from an updated UTTU guide, we're here to help.

New Vertin Cards for UTTU Version 1.2

With George the Oak
Personal Breakthrough
Above the Stratosphere
Sir Vertin, Go!
Pour Rein
Singin' in the Rain

Vertin's Card Breakdown Guide

For a powerful strategy, I recommend the "Personal Breakthrough" card. It shines in a critical-focused setup with Lilya, Regulus, Voyager, and/or Tooth Fairy, and carried me through UTTU with ease. However, consider bolstering your deck with more Fame cards if you're still stuck at the early stages. Also, Vertin's new card, "With George the Oak Vertin" is another fantastic option, particularly when paired with cards that buff the leftmost character.

Version 1.2 UTTU Reliable Card Combinations

Meteor through the Hurricane + The Screens Have Ears

This is a reliable combo when using a character that focuses on dealing critical damage and also helps boosting their critical rate to consistently land those big number damages on the enemy.

Fairy's Sojourn + The Origin of the Scream

Introducing a powerful new combo tailored for those employing Jessica as their primary DPS. When properly upgraded, this combination becomes exceptionally potent in Version 1.2 UTTU. I won't delve into the card effects explicitly, as the accompanying image provides a comprehensive overview. If you find yourself needing more insight into Jessica's functionalities, our Jessica Character Guide is a valuable resource to consult.

Critter Contract (Defender) + The Glass Girl

For the dedicated healers on your team, consider employing the above-mentioned combo, allowing them to absorb damage from the enemy and enabling your vulnerable main damage dealer to focus on their role. These cards complement each other effectively, alleviating pressure on other team members by offering self-sustain and imparting [Sturdiness] to all allies when performing a healing action.

Still Relevant and Reliable in Version 1.2 UTTU

Even in the current Version 1.2 patch of the game, both "What Lightning Is to the Tempest" and "The Multi-linguist" maintain their relevance. These cards offer tremendous value to characters without any drawbacks. In protracted battles, equipping these cards can elevate your character's performance to a level that feels akin to playing the game in easy mode.

Even if you decided not to use cards, it's still possible to beat UTTU Version 1.2

UTTU Rewards Guide

"What should I buy in the UTTU Market?" DotGG is here to help answer that question. These are the rewards for this season's UTTU (Version 1.2):

If you're a free-to-play player or still new to UTTU

Focus on getting:

  • Crystal Casket
  • Sonorous Knell
  • Brief Cacophony
  • LF Polirization

After that, just get any upgrade materials you would need to upgrade your characters and just forget about the 'character skin'.

If you have a strong account coming into Version 1.2 UTTU and buying the monthly jukebox

Just enjoy the game and don't forget to pick-up the limited edition 'character skin' for Eagle. LOL.

Summarizing Version 1.2 UTTU

In summary, Version 1.2 UTTU brings new challenges and opportunities. While familiar tactics like "What Lightning Is to the Tempest" remain effective, "Personal Breakthrough" and "With George the Oak Vertin" offer exciting options for critical-focused and leftmost-character strategies. With reliable combos like "Fairy's Sojourn + The Origin of the Scream" and "Critter Contract + The Glass Girl," you can navigate any encounter with confidence.

Remember, the UTTU market holds valuable resources: prioritize Crystal Caskets for upgrades, and seasoned players can splurge on the limited Eagle skin. But above all, don't forget to have fun! This is a chance to push your limits, experiment with new combinations, and conquer the end-game content. And remember, DotGG is always here to guide you on your UTTU journey. Join our Discord server, share your strategies, and let's continue exploring the mysteries of Reverse: 1999 together!

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