Jessica Character Guide – The META Poison Team’s Main DPS

Ultimate guide for Jessica, the META Poison Team's Main DPS in "Reverse: 1999." Dive into her potent skills like "White Blankie" and "Good Friends," each offering strategic nuances tied to the [Poison] status. Jessica's ultimate skill, "Gaze from the Forest," is a battlefield game-changer, dealing massive Reality DMG and inflicting lasting [Poison]. Uncover the dynamic layers of her passive skill, "Changeling," and discover why "Blasphemer of Night" is the ultimate weapon choice. Master the best resonate arrangements and team compositions to maximize Jessica's potential. Our guide ensures you're well-equipped to answer the crucial question: Should you pull for Jessica? Explore the complete character breakdown and make an informed decision for your journey in "Reverse: 1999."


Rejoice! everyone who pulled for Sotheby and waited and waited and waited so long for Jessica’s banner to finally appear. The day has come for us to enjoy her banner “Summon Event: The Changeling Awaits”. Today, for those who wants to know more about Jessica’s Skills, Ultimate, Passive, best Psychube to equip, best Resonate arrangements, strategies of using her, best team composition and more… You’ve come to the right place. DotGG is here to help you out to even answer the question “Should I pull for Jessica?” and we promise that your time will not be wasted reading our guide today. Let’s get into it:

Jessica’s Character Details

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6-star / Plant afflatus / Reality DMG / Poison

Skills, Ultimate and Passive Guide

Skill 1 (Attack): White Blankie

Jessica's first skill, "White Blankie," is a potent single-target attack with an interesting twist tied to the status effect [Poison]. The base version deals 180% Reality DMG and scales based on the number of [Poison] stacks on the target, providing an additional 20% Reality DMG per stack, up to a maximum of +40%. As the skill levels up, the damage output increases significantly. At its highest level, the skill deals 450% Reality DMG without [Poison] and a whopping 100% Reality DMG if the target is suffering from [Poison], with additional scaling for each [Poison] stack, maxing out at +100%.

The [Poison] status effect adds a strategic layer, inflicting Genesis DMG at the end of each round based on 30% of Jessica's ATK, and it can stack. This introduces a tactical element to gameplay, encouraging players to not only maximize damage output with the skill but also strategically apply and manage [Poison] for additional benefits.

Skill 2 (Attack): Good Friends

Jessica's second skill, "Good Friends," showcases her ability to manipulate and capitalize on the weaknesses of enemies. This mass attack targets two enemies, with damage scaling based on the presence of [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses on the targets. At the initial level, the skill deals 135% Reality DMG, with a 30% damage boost for affected enemies. As the skill advances, the damage output increases, reaching 335% Reality DMG at its highest level, accompanied by a substantial 75% bonus against enemies with specified statuses.

"Good Friends" provides players with a strategic option to exploit specific enemy vulnerabilities, making Jessica a valuable asset in battles where enemies are prone to status effects. Overall, this skill complements her kit by offering a versatile and effective mass attack option after inflicting [Poison] with her first skill “White Blankie”

Ultimate: Gaze from the Forest

Jessica's ultimate skill, "Gaze from the Forest," is a beautiful designed attack which compliments her in-game story lore. This skill deals a substantial 350% Reality DMG to all enemies, ensuring a significant impact on the battlefield. Additionally, it inflicts the [Poison] status on all enemies for 2 rounds, causing them to take Genesis DMG at the end of each round based on Jessica's ATK x30%. The ability to apply [Poison] to multiple enemies amplifies its effectiveness, especially in prolonged battles.

"Gaze from the Forest" not only delivers massive damage to enemies but also introduces a lasting threat with the lingering [Poison] effect, making it a formidable tool for her to deal more damage with both her first and second skill, “White Blankie” and “Good Friends” respectively.

Passive Skill (Insight lvl.1 to lvl.3): Changeling

Jessica's passive skill, "Changeling," adds a dynamic layer to her overall gameplay, enhancing her effectiveness in various scenarios.

Insight I

This level of the passive skill increases Jessica's damage by 20% when attacking enemies afflicted with [Poison]. Moreover, at the start of the battle and periodically every 3 rounds, Jessica inflicts [Poison] on all enemies for 2 rounds, dealing Genesis DMG equal to 30% of her ATK at the end of each round. This periodic application of [Poison] not only complements her other skills but also adds a consistent threat to enemies, especially when used strategically to capitalize on damage boosts.

Insight II

The second level of "Changeling" provides a flat 8% increase in damage dealt when Jessica enters battle. This straightforward damage boost enhances her overall impact and contributes to her effectiveness in various encounters.

Insight III

The final level of the passive introduces an interesting mechanic. After attacking enemies not afflicted with [Poison], Jessica automatically inflicts [Poison] for 2 rounds, dealing Genesis DMG at the end of each round. This aspect encourages players to diversify their attacks, ensuring that Jessica remains a versatile threat regardless of the enemy's current status.

Best Psychube

"Blasphemer of Night" emerges as Jessica's best-in-slot “weapon” in "Reverse: 1999," thanks to its carefully tailored stats and powerful amplification effects that synergize seamlessly with Jessica's unique skill set.


ATK: The weapon provides a substantial ATK boost, enhancing Jessica's damage output across all her skills. With a maximum ATK of 360 at level 60, "Blasphemer of Night" significantly empowers Jessica's offensive capabilities.

HP, Reality DEF, and Mental DEF: The added HP and defense stats contribute to Jessica's survivability, ensuring she can endure in battles and continue to exert her influence on the battlefield.

Incantation Might

The incremental increase in Incantation Might enhances Jessica's overall performance, particularly when it comes to both her attack skills. A higher Incantation Might translates to more impactful damage and a greater threat to enemies when [Poison] status are consistently applied on the enemy or enemies during battle.


Lv. 1: This effect boosts Jessica's damage by 12% when attacking a target with 2 or more [Neg Status]. Given that Jessica's "Good Friends" skill deals extra damage to enemies with [Neg Status], this amplification aligns perfectly with her skill kit, maximizing the potential for increased damage.

Lv. 5: At its maximum level, the amplification effect increases to 24%. This significant boost synergizes exceptionally well with Jessica's skills, especially when considering her ability to inflict [Neg Status] through her attacks and capitalize on the additional damage.

Jessica's Best Psychube In-slot

"Blasphemer of Night" not only bolsters Jessica's offensive capabilities with its high ATK stat but also aligns perfectly with her playstyle by amplifying damage against enemies with [Neg Status]. This psychube enhances Jessica's overall effectiveness on the battlefield, making it the optimal choice for players looking to maximize her potential in "Reverse: 1999."

Best Resonate Arrangement


Jessica in "Reverse: 1999" presents a compelling and strategic skill kit, making her a versatile and potent character on the battlefield. Her skills are thoughtfully designed, offering a mix of direct damage, status effects, and a touch of narrative flair.

White Blankie (Attack Skill)

This skill is a powerful single-target attack that scales in damage based on the [Poison] status inflicted on the target. The increasing damage output encourages players to strategically apply and manage [Poison] for maximum effect. It sets the stage for Jessica's role as a damage dealer with a nuanced touch.

Good Friends (Attack Skill)

Jessica's mass attack option excels at exploiting enemy vulnerabilities. The skill deals escalating Reality DMG based on the presence of [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses on the enemies. This ability complements her kit by providing a strategic option to exploit specific enemy weaknesses.

Gaze from the Forest (Ultimate Skill)

Jessica's ultimate skill is a game-changer, delivering a massive 350% Reality DMG to all enemies and inflicting [Poison] for 2 rounds. The mass application of [Poison] not only deals immediate damage but also sets the stage for her passive skill synergies, creating a lasting threat on the battlefield.

Changeling (Passive Skill)

Jessica's passive skill adds depth to her character by enhancing damage, periodically applying [Poison], and introducing a dynamic element with the Insight III mechanic. The combination of increased damage against [Poison]-afflicted enemies, periodic [Poison] application, and the automatic [Poison] after attacking non-[Poison] enemies showcase the strategic flexibility of Jessica's playstyle.

To maximize Jessica's effectiveness, players should strategically time her ultimate, "Gaze from the Forest," to take advantage of the periodic [Poison] application from her passive. The increased damage against [Poison]-afflicted enemies further reinforces the importance of managing and capitalizing on the [Poison] status across her entire skill set. Additionally, diversifying attacks with her various skills ensures that Jessica remains a versatile threat, exploiting both direct damage and status effects to control the battlefield.

Best Team Composition

For a statistical breakdown of Jessica's team synergy, we recommend watching this video by Rivenous below. He uses data to compare her performance with and without Sotheby.

Should you pull for Jessica’s Banner?

Wondering if Jessica is the right crew member for you? Our friend, content creator Jakazin, tackles this question in-depth in his video below. He analyzes her strengths and weaknesses, providing valuable insights for your decision-making. Check it out!

Final Thoughts

If you want a Poison META team and you have Sotheby… Pull for Jessica. Period. Overall, Jessica is a well-rounded character in "Reverse: 1999," offering a balanced mix of damage, status effects, and strategic depth. Players who master the art of managing [Poison] and leveraging her diverse skill set will find her to be a valuable asset in a variety of in-game scenarios.

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