One Flew Over the Old House Event Complete Guide

Unlock all Achievements of "One Flew Over the Old House" Event in Reverse: 1999 Explore the Jessica's side story of Reverse: 1999 with our comprehensive guide to the "One Flew Over the Old House" event. Discover rewards, navigate event basics, and achieve 100% completion with our strategic tips. Uncover the key to unlocking invites, locations, and endings, all while maximizing your gameplay efficiency. Join us on this journey through St. Pavlov Foundation, ensuring a successful and fulfilling experience. Happy New Year 2024 from DotGG and myself! For an in-depth walkthrough, read the complete guide!


I apologize for the tardiness of this guide! No excuses, my calendar simply betrayed me – the ongoing in-game event completely slipped my mind, and festive cheer wasn't a factor whatsoever. Rest assured, dear readers, such delays will never come to you again (I hope). Now, without further ado, let's get into the guide!

One Flew Over the Old House Event

This is an event that will be active until January 18 and covers Jessica's side story of her time at St. Pavlov Foundation. Official details from the developers are as below:


Completing the event with a 100% achievement will net you around 240 clear drops along with some other sweet rewards as seen below:

Event Basics

General UI of the "One Flew Over the Old House" event
There are 4 periods per day
Within those periods, you are able to do either 4 actions - Classes, Rest, Look Around or Invite
Level up Jessica's "details" as you progress in the event
You'll be able to unlock certain 'characteristics' as you get into the event
Tip: Rest is important!
As you take classes, always look at the "success rate"
Visiting a place multiple times unlock certain events
Spoiler alert: You will also get into some 'battle' during 'look around' action

How to Unlock All Invites?

Credit to: Twitter user HanaKaibou


Finish Sonetto’s invite. First Assessment requires Socialization. Final Assessment requires Socialization and Arcane Stability. Grants Educational Errors (+3 Arcane Stability) + Library Access.


Finish 1 Playthrough. Grants Office and Guardhouse Access. Locked at two, unsure of requirements for three (maybe finishing two playthroughs). Grants Permanent Characteristic Key Holder (Ability to find Horropedia)


Gain the Key Holder Characteristic from Vertin and go to the Canteen (must be done every playthrough). His Assessment is increased by Morality (starts at 2, +1 for every point). -50 Morality Points after passing. Can only be invited in the Evening. His final event requires answering the questions with the evilest answers, failure locks you out of retrying and getting his characteristic. Grants Two-Faced Person (+8 Morality)

How to Unlock All Locations?

Credit to: Twitter user HanaKaibou


Automatically Unlocked. Gives Physicality. FIrst assessment needs Tangible Cognition (base 7). 4th event gives Delicious Soup (+50 Physicality Points) Final Assessment requires Explosive Cloud Badge from the Office, fight if failed and not retryable despite what it says. Grants Honoree


Unlocked by Default. Final assessment requires My Friend Andy from the final Guardhouse assessment. Grants Biting Stool (+50 Morality points)


Automatically Unlocked. First Assessment uses Tangible Cognition (Base 8). Final Assessment uses Socialization and Arcane Stability. Grants Special Communication (+50 Socialization Points)


Finish Matilda’s invite. Grants Person in the Book (50 Arcane Stability Points) + Repeatable Event for more Arcane Stability. Final Assessment requires Morality and Physicality (failure starts a boss fight; everything else goes the same)


Do Vertin’s first invite. Assessment requires Arcane Stability. Location lowers Morality. Grants Explosive Cloud Badge (GIves a large amount of assessment points in specific events (not sure which one, maybe Canteen?)


Do Vertin’s second invite. First assessment requires Sociability. Final assessment requires Tangible Cognition and grants My Friend Andy (used for the final Classroom assessment).

Spoiler alert!

I you want to look at the endings yourself and just want to get some guides and walkthrough only, you can stop reading. The information ahead are full of spoilers so proceed at your own discretion.

All Endings

Credit to: Twitter user HanaKaibou

Important Note: All ending grant a permanent characteristic to Jessica so enjoy the event multiple times!

1 Playthrough Finished

Able to take classes during lunch and evening - This is important to unlock a specific characteristic for Jessica later on.

2 Playthroughs Finished

Jessica is able to do any action at any time period throughout the day

One Flew Over The Old House

Complete the game with a B or above (+50 points for all aptitudes)

Eleven Days of Jeopardy

Complete the game with a C or above and the Emerging Poet (Sonetto) and Educational Errors (Matilda) Characteristics. (Arcane Stability Classes give 20% more points)

New Food! New Flavors!

Complete the game with a C or above and the Delicious Soup (4th Canteen Event) Characteristic. (Tangible Cognition Classes give 20% more points)

Hollywood Jewel

Complete the game with a B or above and the Guest Actress (Blonney), Two-Faced Person (Horropedia) and Person in the Books (Library) Characteristics. Doing Two-Faced Person helps first, as Person in the Books and Guest Actress are trivialised by the +8 Morality. (Socialising Classes give 20% more points)


FInish the game with an E (Resting recovers 20% more Focus)


Trigger zero combat encounters and end with an A. This can easily be done by getting New Foods! New Flavors! (a very easy ending to get) and then only doing Common Sense classes and Sonetto’s invite (once maxed out, move on to Morality or whatever is higher. Re-enrollment also helps.) (Grants 100 Socialization Points)

Critter’s Best Friend

Complete the game with a B or Above and the Honoree (Canteen) and Biting Stool (Classroom) traits. This requires the completion of the Office and the Guardhouse before you can complete the Canteen and Classroom respectively, taking up a lot of time slots, but by completing Sonetto’s and Matilda’s invites and doing the blank events in the required locations when you can you can make it through with some luck. (Physicality Classes give 20% more points)

Long-Eared Listener

Complete the game with a B or above and the Mysterious Plasticity and Special Communication Characteristics. (Morality Classes give 20% more points)

Fight Club

Finish the game with a C or above after encountering and winning every fight encounter.

How to complete One Flew Over the Old House 100%?

Multi-playthrough Strategy

Maximize efficiency by strategically utilizing each playthrough:

  • Playthrough 1: Prioritize sleep to achieve E-grade. No Vertin, farm morning/afternoon events. Aim for 1 achievement CG.
  • Playthrough 2: Farm Blonney and Tooth Fairy events, raise attributes for restroom locations. Achieve 1 achievement CG.
  • Playthrough 3: Unlock office and solitary confinement by finding Vertin (3x). Farm lines 14 and 15. 4 achievement CGs!
  • Playthrough 4: Cafeteria unlocks Horropedia. Farm Horropedia and Blonney events. 1 achievement CG.
  • Playthrough 5: Combat mastery focus. Details provided, 1 achievement CG.

E-grade Evaluation

Sleep through the first playthrough, avoid actions, choose absurd options during assessments. Easy E-grade!

Magical Plasticity + Special Communication

Boost social behavior and physical fitness through classes and Blonney events. Clear Tooth Fairy for [Magical Plasticity] at social/physical level 6. Get [Special Communication] in the restroom at combined social/Mysterious Arts level 6 (both R-points required, higher levels recommended).

Non-combat A-grade + Achievements

This strategy unlocks 4 achievements simultaneously:

  1. Find Vertin (3x) for office/solitary confinement access, get [Key Bearer].
  2. Reset.
  3. Invite for 4 14-line poems, explore classroom, avoid last exploration. Attend class for social lv2 and object cognition lv3. Finish Sonetto events for [Emerging Poet] and unlock Matilda.
  4. Invite Matilda for all events for [Margin of Error in Education].
  5. Prioritize social lv3 + object cognition lv4 + Mysterious Arts lv4 in class. Unlock solitary confinement for [My Friend Andy]. Unlock office for [Explosive Cloud Badge].
  6. Unlock cafeteria and classroom. Get [Delicious Soup] from cafeteria (4 visits). Replenish moral values in class and library. Graduate!

Special Guest Heroine + Two-Faced + In the Book

  1. Unlock Horropedia meeting by traveling to the cafeteria. Invite Blonney (day) and explore library (avoid 4th exploration). Invite Horropedia (night).
  2. Earn [Two-Faced] with Horropedia (give absurd answers).
  3. Earn [Special Guest Heroine] with all Blonney events.
  4. Get [In the Book] in the library's red-dot event (physical fitness + moral values level 6+).

All Combat Achievements

Explore and unlock all locations immediately. Retry yellow-dot R-point failures (high success rate). Red-dot failures trigger battles. Complete battles in all locations, then casually raise attributes until graduation.

  • Final Guardhouse Assessment Failure
  • Final Canteen Assessment Failure
  • Final Library Assessment Failure
  • Final Bathroom Assessment Failure

In Closing

There you have it! The complete guide for Reverse: 1999 in-game event "One Flew Over the Old House Guide". Hopefully this guide was very helpful to you and see you in the next one!

P.S. Happy New Year 2024 from DotGG and myself

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