Limbo Guide First Half January 2024

Limbo Guide for January 2024 in Reverse:1999! Top characters, best teams, strategies, and F2P tips - DotGG Limbo Guide


Attention, Timekeepers! Welcome to your comprehensive Limbo Guide for January 2024 to conquer Limbo stages in Reverse: 1999. This guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the dream stages.

Special Rules for Limbo

Details of all Limbo Stages for January 2024

Stage 1

Stage 1-1

Stage 1-2

Stage 2

Stage 2-1

Stage 2-2

Stage 3

Stage 3-1

Stage 3-2

Stage 4

Stage 4-1

Stage 4-2

Stage 5

Guide to defeat Stage 5-1

Stage 5-1
Guide to defeat Stage 5-2

Stage 5-2

Stage 6

Guide to defeat Stage 6-1

Stage 6-1
Guide to defeat Stage 6-2

Stage 6-2

Best Teams for Limbo January 2024

Let's celebrate the most dominant characters in this month's Limbo! Sonetto commands the battlefield for Mineral Afflatus, while Tooth Fairy weaves magic for Star Afflatus victories. Ready to assemble your winning team? Explore our Limbo recommendations for the first half of January 2024!

Mono Mineral Team against Beast Afflatus Enemies

Team members:

  • Eternity – Acts as a the main DPS carry for the team
  • Sonetto – Provides DMG boosts as well as defensive utility for the team
  • Balloon Party – Takes the pure support/healer role in the team

Mono Star Team against Mineral Afflatus Enemies

Team members:

  • Regulus or Lilya – The main DPS carry of the team
  • Bkornblume – Provides great support for Lilya to increase her damage output
  • Tooth Fairy – Secondary damage dealer and provides AoE healing for the team

Conquering Limbo

With these gameplay videos and the stage details, conquering the first half of January's Limbo is within reach, even for free-to-play heroes! Embrace the challenge, experiment strategically, and remember, perseverance can propel you through even the toughest endgame content in Reverse: 1999. Our deepest thanks to @azer.gaming for providing invaluable Limbo gameplay footage that fueled our insights.

To you, our dedicated readers, thank you for trusting DotGG's Limbo Guide for January 2024 as your guide to Limbo Stages 1 through 6 (January 1st to 15th). Rest assured, we'll be back with another arsenal of strategies, team compositions, and essential intel for the second half of January's Limbo stages. Stay tuned, Timekeepers!

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