Journey to Mor Pankh

Discover the excitement of Reverse: 1999 "Journey to Mor Pankh" promises more events, improved gameplay and thrilling optimizations!

Anticipation thrums among Timekeepers of Reverse: 1999 as the development team gears up to unveil the highly-anticipated patch, Version 1.3: Journey to Mor Pankh. This imminent update promises a wave of enthusiasm, ushering in quality-of-life improvements and captivating content that will further expand the Reverse: 1999 universe.

Spoil yourselves in the alluring fragrance of mangoes, the delicate resonance of bells, and the rekindling of long-dormant memories as you embark on a journey to the southern realms. Journey to Mor Pankh unveils a poised masterpiece, tempting with expanded gacha options and enticing banners. But brace yourselves, Timekeepers, for this odyssey is more than just alluring scenery. Enigmas and boat loads of events await, promising to elevate your gameplay and reignite your passion for Reverse: 1999.

Journey to Mor Pankh Trailer

Trivia - What is Mor Pankh?

Mor Pankh, also known as the Peacock Throne or Mor Pan, holds significant historical weight as an extravagant throne commissioned by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. This opulent seat shimmered with intricate goldwork and a dazzling array of precious gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Though tragically dismantled and scattered in the wake of war, fragments of this legendary artifact still captivate historians and art enthusiasts to this day.

During Dipa Festival Sign-In Event

To celebrate the launch of Version 1.3, a special [During Dipa Festival] sign-in event will commence. Spanning across two parts, Timekeepers will have the opportunity to collect a total of Unilog ×14 during this festive event.

System Optimizations

1. Wilderness System Optimization

In response to player feedback, Version 1.3 brings an optimization of the materials crafting features within the [Wishing Spring] in Wilderness. This enhancement allows Timekeepers to conveniently search and craft required materials. The new "Craft All" feature streamlines the crafting process, eliminating the need to jump to the Wilderness interface.

2. Optimization for Obtaining Resonate Materials

Acknowledging the importance of resonance in character growth, developers are expanding the Monthly Limit of [Brief Cacophony] in [Oneiric Shop]. Additionally, plans are in place to drop more resonate materials in upcoming versions, enhancing the overall character growth experience.

3. Resonate System Optimization

Version 1.3 introduces the Resonate Plan feature, enabling Timekeepers to configure multiple custom resonate plans for characters. This enhancement facilitates quick switches between resonance plans, offering greater flexibility in character development.

4. New Pre-set Lineup Feature

Exciting news! Developers will be introducing the pre-set lineup feature in Version 1.3 which is definitely a step towards more convenient gameplay. This feature simplifies the process of adjusting lineups, with further customization options expected in Version 1.4.

Gameplay and UI Improvements

The developers have not only focused on system optimizations but also on enhancing the overall gameplay experience:

  • Definition of [Riposte] will be regarded as an Incantation post-update, enjoying the bonus of [Incantation Might]
  • In certain challenge events of the story, a Balanced Mode is introduced, adjusting character levels, Psychube levels, and resonate levels
  • The HP display of bosses in specific stages has been optimized for better clarity
  • The origin display in the item details interface has been fine-tuned for improved visibility
  • A filter by tag feature is added to the Bank - The Teller Machine, aiding Timekeepers in efficiently organizing and finding materials

Official Information About All Incoming Events During "Journey to Mor Pankh" Patch

Official Developer's Broadcast

Devs' Gratitude

The developers express their dedication to providing an enriched gaming experience for all Timekeepers. Developers showering us with gratitude! We will claim our 120 Clear Drops and a time-limited Jar of Picrasma Candy (×1), available to all players. With the Journey to Mor Pankh update, Reverse: 1999 continues to evolve, promising an engaging and immersive experience for Timekeepers. The countdown to January 18th has begun, and anticipation is high for the exciting new features and optimizations that Version 1.3 will bring.

Can't Wait for Journey to Mor Pankh!

Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch among Reverse: 1999 enthusiasts as Version 1.3: Journey to Mor Pankh inches closer to its unveiling. This highly anticipated patch vows to inject a surge of excitement and novel content into the Reverse: 1999 universe.

With the official launch just around the corner on January 18th, let's delve into the exciting features and optimizations that await Timekeepers in this thrilling new chapter. Brace yourselves for a journey brimming with mysteries, challenges, and the promise of enhanced gameplay in Reverse: 1999 Version 1.3!

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