Developer Response to Community Criticism: A Step in the Right Direction, but More Needed

The developers do care about the community and actually listens but they could do better

In the wake of community outcry regarding localization issues within Reverse: 1999, the developers have issued a response acknowledging the concerns and outlining immediate steps to address them. This response, while a positive development, falls short of fully acknowledging the depth and severity of the community's criticism. We will look into the developer's response, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately advocating for a more comprehensive and collaborative approach to improving localization efforts.

Official Developer’s Announcement: December, 8th

Dear all,

Recently we have received a fair amount of feedback, and notice that part of them concentrate on the translation. We work with positivity to polish our game and decide to set up a Translation Feedback Form to collect your feedback.

To help solve the issue in a more efficient and better way, please kindly fill in the form and submit the issue you encounter. We will proceed with the optimizations in the periodic maintenance.

Form Link:

Sincere gratitude for listening and reading the stories we tell, we would love to present this Arcanum World with the best performance. And here's a gift code to thank your accompany and support: 9LRC9ZN

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Official Developer’s Announcement: December, 11th

[Notice - Optimization on Issues with Localization] Dear all, Firstly, thank you all for your support and feedback on Reverse: 1999. We have been paying close attention to your valuable opinions and suggestions. In response to the localization issues in version 1.2, we thoroughly checked each system, including texts in the main storyline, system texts, and event texts. Urgent proofreading has been carried out for all aspects. For issues severely impacting player experience, we have implemented a hotfix today. Details are as follows:

  1. Fixed some interface display issues.
  2. [English] Fixed the issue of inconsistency between dubbing and text in some stages of [A Nightmare at Green Lake].
  3. [English] Fixed the issue of inconsistency between event names in [A Nightmare at Green Lake].
  4. Fixed some other text issues.

Furthermore, we will keep optimizing the localization work in subsequent versions and fixing issues in launched versions. A heartfelt thank you to our dear Timekeepers who provided feedback through the survey, for you have helped us quickly identify and resolve some of the issues.

Also, a sincere appreciation to all Timekeepers who have been supporting us since the global server's launch. As a token of gratitude, we have prepared Jar of Picrasma Candy x2 (time-limited) for each of you. We will keep optimizing the localization to ensure a good gaming experience for you. We appreciate all of your support and are committed to delivering better work in the upcoming versions.

My Personal Response

The developer's response to the community's criticism regarding localization issues in Reverse: 1999 presents a positive step towards addressing the concerns. It acknowledges the issues, outlines specific actions taken to address them, and expresses gratitude to the community for their feedback.

However, the response could be further improved by addressing several points:

1. Transparency and Communication: While the response mentions "thorough checks" and "urgent proofreading," it lacks details about the specific processes implemented to improve the localization quality. Sharing details about the team's approach and the tools utilized would demonstrate transparency and build trust with the community.

2. Addressing Severity of Issues: The response focuses on fixing "inconsistencies" and "interface display issues," which may not address the full scope of community concerns. It would be beneficial to acknowledge the severity of some reported issues, such as inaccurate or offensive translations, and outline a plan to address them systematically.

3. Community Involvement: The response mentions appreciation for feedback through surveys, but it doesn't explicitly mention plans for ongoing community involvement in the translation process. Establishing channels for continuous feedback and incorporating community expertise would demonstrate a commitment to collaborative improvement.

4. Long-Term Vision: The response focuses on fixing issues in "launched versions" and optimizing "subsequent versions." While this is commendable, it would be beneficial to share a long-term vision for localization efforts. Outlining a roadmap for future improvements, including resource allocation and target milestones, would provide the community with a clearer picture of the developer's commitment.

5. Going Beyond Fix-and-Patch: While responding to immediate issues is important, a sustainable solution requires a proactive approach. The developer could consider investing in professional translation services, establishing internal language QA teams, and implementing localization best practices within the development process.


I'm concerned that the current localization efforts in Reverse: 1999 may be causing players to lose interest. In particular, I've noticed inconsistencies in translations and awkward voice acting that can detract from the overall experience. We're already at Version 1.2, and I believe that more resources and attention need to be dedicated to localization to ensure a smoother and more immersive experience for future versions.

I have high hopes for the future of this game and its potential to thrive in the competitive gacha market. Investing in professional translation services, engaging the community in the translation process, and collaborating with talented voice actors would be significant steps in ensuring the game's long-term success. I'm confident that with a renewed focus on localization, Reverse: 1999 can become a truly beloved game for players around the world.

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Until next time, happy Timekeeping!

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