Version 1.2 Trailer - A Nightmare at Green Lake

Update Notice: December 14th 2023

Official important announcement from the developers from in-game news

Recently we from DotGG talked about the the issues with the game's localization and we're happy to bring good news to our readers and the community as a whole that the developers are listening to our comments be it in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or even Discord. We're happy that they are taking the right steps to do some game updates actively based on our constructive criticism. Here is what they have to say:

Official Developer's Update Announcement (December 14th, 2023)

Dear Timekeeper,

We noticed that the "Storm" has raised quite a ruckus recently, so we performed fixes and adjustments as required. Have faith in us, for we are always watching and recording the inadequacies and missing elements of this world. We will do everything within our power to correct them accordingly.

[Updated Contents on Dec. 14, 2023]

  1. Fixed a display issue that texts are blocked on some iOS devices;
  2. Fixed an issue that subtitles of characters' voices are not displayed properly;
  3. [English] Fixed some description errors and inconsistencies between dubbing and displayed content;
  4. [Chinese] Fixed a display issue that buff names appear to be glitched in combat;
  5. [Korean] Fixed some inconsistencies between dubbing and subtitles;
  6. Fixed some other text issues and text overlapping in some interfaces;
  7. [Japanese] Optimized the description of [Voyager's] Ultimate (does not affect the. [Japanese] Optimized the description of [Voyager's] Ultimate (does not affect the actual effect); A 8. Fixed an issue that in special circumstances "Do not remind again today" does not take effect when consuming Picrasma Candy or Jar of Picrasma Candy.

[Updated Contents on Dec. 11, 2023]

  1. Fixed the issue that the game may crash when playing Door's voice on PC;
  2. Fixed the issue that [Resolution Setting] in [Setting] cannot be properly clicked on PC;
  3. Fixed some interface display issues;
  4. [English] Fixed the issue of inconsistency between dubbing and text in some stages of [A Nightmare at Green Lake];
  5. [English] Fixed the issue of inconsistency between event names in [A Nightmare at Green Lake];
  6. Fixed some other text issues.
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