Kaalaa Buana Character Guide

DotGG bringing you our very own Kaalaa Buana Character Guide - She's a powerful main damage dealer harnessing the power of planets!

Introducing Kaalaa Buana

Thanks for coming to DotGG to read our Kaalaa Buana Character Guide! Her role is becoming the main damage dealer of the team dealing. Kaalaa Buana excels in both single-target and area-of-effect (AOE) damage. Her abilities allow her to unleash powerful attacks on individual enemies while also dealing substantial AOE damage in certain scenarios. In this guide, we'll explore her skills, best resonance arrangement, optimal team synergies, and so on helping you out to optimize her optimally.

Buana's Skill Set

Kaalaa Buana's abilities revolve around a planetary system, where different planets contribute to specific effects. These planets include [Saturn], [Mars], and [Full Moon], each providing unique bonuses that enhance her damage output and sustainability.

Ultimate: Ultimate Perfection

Ultimate Perfection deals massive single-target Mental DMG to the enemy while gaining 2 [Full Moon] that sets up Kaalaa to deal more damage with her Skill 1 or Skill 2. In short, this move is what makes her a boss killer for your team.

Skill 1: Enchanted Strike

Enchanted Strike deals a significant single-target Mental DMG to the targeted enemy while also setting up Kaalaa Buana to deal more damage on her next action. This skill equips her with 1-3 stacks of [Saturn] which increases her Penetration Rate. If you're thinking to maximize damage, use her Skill 1 before proceeding with using her Ultimate for optimized damage.

Skill 2: Mythical Meteors

Kaalaa Buana's Mythical Meteors is a skill that deals decent Mental DMG to 2 enemies. It has an area-of-effect (AOE) nature, making it effective against multiple opponents and clearing smaller mobs. Additionally, Mythical Meteors contributes to Kaalaa Buana's rotation strategy, allowing players to build up [Planets] and strategically rotating them for optimal damage output. This skill plays a crucial role in her kit, providing a balance between single-target and AOE damage capabilities.

Insight: Starbending

Kaalaa Buana's passive skill, Starbending, enhances her abilities as planets are removed during her rotation. The effects vary based on the type of planet removed:

  1. [Saturn Divination]: Increases penetration rate by 12%, stackable and span after the attack.
  2. [Mars Divination]: Boosts leech rate by 12%, stackable and span after the attack.
  3. [Full Moon Divination]: Raises incantation might by 12%, stackable and span after casting.

Additionally, Kaalaa Buana will then do a 'follow-up attack' when either Saturn or Mars [Planet] are remove and if Full Moon was removed, she will enter [Empower Incantation II] status for 2 rounds. This will then upgrade her skill cards automatically for the next 2 rounds without combining cards. This passive skill adds strategic depth to Kaalaa Buana's gameplay.

As players strategically rotate and remove planets during battles, they gain additional benefits, making her more potent in terms of penetration, leeching, and incantation might. It encourages thoughtful planet management and contributes to her overall effectiveness in dealing damage and sustaining herself during combat.

Optimizing Resonance and Psychubes

Best Resonate Build

Kaalaa Buana Character Guide: Best Resonate Arrangement

Best Psychubes

His Bounden Duty

Her best-in-slot Psychube is 'His Bounden Duty' for a few reasons:

  • Since we're arranging her Resonance to be more of a Crit-build, this Psychube provides ample attack stats for Kaalaa Buana
  • His Bounden Duty also enables Kaalaa Buana to be more durable as she will be healing herself when she defeats an enemy and also with her Leech effect from Skill 2 & Insight skill.

"His Bounden Duty" complements Kaalaa Buana's playstyle by boosting her single-target damage, penetration capabilities, leeching ability, and overall incantation might. These enhancements make her more effective in both dealing damage and sustaining herself in battles.

Kaala's Best Teammates

Kaalaa Buana Critical Burst

Previously, we have already explained how Pickles is an AP positive character that enables any main damage dealer to hoard action points throughout battles. Additionally, Tooth Fairy has her own character guide done by us and it explains deliberately how she can help increase the main damage dealer's damage output. Please check those 2 guides out!

Budget Mono Mineral Team

This is a solid mono Mineral Afflatus team that would be able to clear those difficult stages with pesky Beast Afflatus enemies. Kaalaa Buana will be the main damage dealer and boss killer while the other 2 characters would step up their game to make room for Kaalaa to deal more damage and get protected by enemy attacks.

Character Guide Conclusion

In conclusion, recruiting Kaalaa Buana, is a strategic choice for players in "Reverse: 1999." As a formidable Mineral Afflatus character dealing Mental DMG, Kaalaa excels as a main damage dealer, effortlessly carrying her team through battles. You basically can play this character normally as any other carries and still do massive damage with her. Thanks for reading our Kaalaa Buana Character Guide and hope to see you again here at DotGG!

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