Pickles Character Guide

Vertin's very best friend in Reverse: 1999 has arrived in Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup! Here's everything you need to know about Pickles to see if you need him in your team.

Calling all Timekeepers! A new companion is about to join the ranks in the upcoming Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup patch – meet Pickles, the Border Collie with an A.I. voice speaker. Before Pickles becomes your new best friend, let's delve into his skill sets, strategies, team compositions, and more.

Pickles Character Details

Character Details

  • 6-star / Mineral
  • Does Mental DMG
Pickles’ First Arcane Skill Animations

Arcane Skill 1 – Nothingness

  • Single target attack
  • If Pickles is in the [Proposition Clarification] state, this attack will deal additional damage
Pickles’ Ball Attack

Arcane Skill 2 – The Meaning of the Ball

  • AoE attack to 2 enemies
  • Dispels [Stats Up] [Positive Status] and/or [Counter] statuses of the enemy(s)
  • Gets a +25% penetration bonus if [Proposition Clarification] status is active
Pickles casting his ultimate skill

Ultimate – Sayeth Pickles

  • Single target attack
  • After Pickles casts this ultimate, applies buff which increases the DMG Dealt of all allies by 30% for 2 rounds
  • Extends the buff by 1 round if Pickles has [Proposition Clarification]

Passive (Insight) – Proposition Exposition

  • Gains 1 stack of [Proposition Clarification] when no action was taken in a round
  • Each trigger of [Proposition Clarification] gives +1 Moxie to Pickles
  • Gives Pickles +2 stack of [Proposition Clarification] upon entering battle
  • Gives +8% DMG Dealt bonus to Pickles
  • Note: [Proposition Clarification] is a status that enhances Pickles' next normal Skill or Ultimate (reduced by 1 stack after being triggered)

Abilities, Skills and Ultimate Summary

Pickles is a Dispeller, a DMG buffer, and an AP-positive unit. His passive skill lets him skip his turn, giving his teammates more AP to act. Basically, Pickles is a great support unit who can chill back and wait for his Ultimate to come up, using the least AP possible. When he does cast his Ultimate, it gives all allies a DMG Dealt buff if used with [Proposition Clarification].


Pickles' dispel ability can really help out against enemies who are stacked with buffs. He works great with AP-hungry teammates like Melania, Centurion, Sotheby, and so on. He just waits patiently for his turn and then unleashes his ultimate, dealing a ton of damage while also buffing his allies.

He's a straight-up upgrade from Sonetto, who also has a dispel ability and a DMG buff skill. The difference is that Pickles can deal more damage, provide more AP for his friends, and do AoE damage to clear out small mobs before boss fights.

Team Examples Featuring Pickles

AoE Beatdown Featuring A Knight


  • A Knight (Main DPS carry that needs to secure kills)
  • Pickles (DMG buffer, secondary DPS unit)
  • Dikke (Can help with damage to help lower enemy HP before A Knight secures kills)

A Knight is built to rack up Moxie and other buffs as he slays enemies. He then cycles through his skills and cards to unleash his ultimate and score even more kills. In this team setup, Pickles helps A Knight dish out solid damage with his skills and ultimate while using minimal AP. This lets A Knight hoard AP for his big moves, while Dikke provides healing support and helps whittle down enemy HP before A Knight swoops in for the final blow. Pickles' DMG Dealt buff further fuels A Knight's kill-streak, enabling him to unleash his ultimate repeatedly.

Free-to-Play Team Featuring Pickles


  • Eagle (Main DPS carry)
  • Pickles (Eagle’s best friend)
  • APPLe or La Source (Low rarity available healers)

I'm showcasing this team to assure our readers that you can virtually fit Pickles into any kind of team composition. Pickles provide an AoE DMG Dealt buff and can gain Moxie automatically without using any AP. This makes him a very flexible team member that can keep pace with carries of all types. His damage output is also impressive and gets better when [Proposition Clarification] is active.

As for healers, cost-effective healers like APPLe and La Source can be chosen to provide healing for the team and can be upgraded without any problems, such as with Medicine Pocket, Balloon Party, and Sotheby. Pickles' versatility makes him a valuable asset to any team, providing significant contributions.

Best Phychubes for Pickles


Thank you for visiting us at DotGG and delving into our guide on Pickles, the versatile and adaptable companion who can seamlessly integrate into any team composition. May the RNG gods smile upon you when you decide to pull for Pickles in the upcoming Version 1.1 update for Reverse: 1999.

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