A Tooth for a Tooth Event Guide

Don't let the event's cryptic title fool you – "A Tooth for a Tooth" is actually easy and casual. Just follow our guide, avoid lowballing Big-tooth Jack, and you'll be swimming in growth materials and Clear Drops before you you know it. Even if you're not a master trader, setting the minimum price still nets you sweet rewards. So, chill, relax, and let the just give Jack want he wants every day until the event ends.


Confused by the "A Tooth for a Tooth" event in Reverse: 1999? Don't fret! This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know, from trading mechanics and optimal prices to maximizing rewards and quickly completing this event so we can enjoy Jessica's side story. Let's get into "A Tooth for a Tooth" event guide without any further delay and learn how to deal with Big-teeth Jack!

Event Duration

A Tooth for a Tooth Requirements

  • Complete the story acts [In Our Time]

The Basics

Big-teeth Jack is the main buyer
"A Tooth for a Tooth" Gameplay Intro
Learn how to maximize your profit during negotiations
Meet Big-teeth Jack's expectations
Check out all rewards available below

Tooth Trading Guide

  • Negotiate with the Jack to purchase teeth at the best prices.
  • Daily trading limit: 3 times
  • Target these prices for maximum profit:
    • Rusalki's Teeth: 2400-3200 (top priority) - Try to aim for 3000
    • Kingbunclew's Teeth, Devilish Mothman's Teeth, LittleFinger Peter's Teeth: 2000-2800 (secondary priority) - Try to aim for 2500
    • Quincey's Teeth: 1300-2000
    • Cacti's Teeth: 1400-2000
    • Ziro Lizard's Teeth: 1600-2200

Event Tips

  • Drag the price bar carefully: It can be tricky to hit the exact target price. Aim slightly lower, but avoid exceeding the maximum.
  • Maximize or take it easy: Choose your approach based on your goals.
    • Maximizing purchases: Earns you the most rewards.
    • Setting minimum price: Still grants rewards, but potentially less.
    • It's still possible to complete the event if you're trading low but you would have to play the event every day until the last day.

A Tooth for a Tooth Rewards

The "A Tooth for a Tooth" event offers valuable growth materials, Clear Drops, and more! Please check out the picture below:

The Event is Pretty Easy

In conclusion, the "A Tooth for a Tooth" event guide offers a straightforward and rewarding opportunity for Reverse: 1999 players to acquire valuable resources. By utilizing the strategies and insights presented in this guide, you can optimize your trades, maximize your profits, and walk away with a significant haul of growth materials, Clear Drops, and more. In other words, just chill while doing this event.

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