Druvis III - Reroll Guide

Reroll Guide and Best Characters to Aim For

How to reroll in Reverse: 1999 and the best characters to reroll for.


We know that some gacha players (like me) are casual players who won't bother with rerolling and will just go with whatever character they get with their first few pulls and immediately start playing. Other gacha players have high competitive spirits and just want the best early account in every free-to-play game they play, especially on launch day. If you're a casual player, you can stop reading here and go to the next article. But if you're a min-max enthusiast, this article is for you.

The game will be released today! Rejoice! Server will be up on Oct 26, 7:00 (UTC-5), and you can preregister here if you haven’t done so already.

Quick Reroll Guide

Credit to u/Chainrush for the quick reroll guide in one picture posted in Reddit as below:

  1. Clear 1-4 (not 1-1 as depicted on image)
  2. Use 10 summons on either pick up banner (there will be 2 of them on launch day)
    • Go back to step 1 if you did not get what you want
  3. Clear 1-11 and reach Account Level 5
  4. Draw 30 at Starter Banner
    • Go back to step 1 if you did not get what you want

Global Release Quality of Life (QoL) Updates

The developers are so kind to upcoming global players because they will allow new players to skip each chapter in the Prologue. With this update, they are basically making rerolling faster.

Here are the full update details from the developers:

The Reroll Process (Summary)

  • You can either reroll with 10 pulls (clear 1-4 and open your mail) or:
  • Reroll with 40 pulls by playing through the stages up until 1-11 and use your remaining stamina into the “experience stage” to hit account level 5 and claiming everything in mail.
  • Rerolling with 40 pulls includes focusing on either pick-up banner whichever you want
  • Also includes any other 6-star characters in the S-tier you are aiming for.
  • Didn’t get the character(s) you want?
  • Time to make a new “Guest Account” and start all over.

Note: Whether we will need to use “salted e-mails”, “clear cache” or any other typical re-roll methods before creating a new “guest account” will only be known on launch day. At the moment, we could only be sure that the rerolling process will be around 10-30 minutes depending if you want to do the 10-pull reroll or the 40-pull reroll (refer picture above).

Sotheby Information
Sotheby is a Plant DPS and healer. Her arcane skills deal Reality DMG. Her ultimate deals Reality DMG to all enemies and makes all active [Poison] and [Cure] statuses take effect immediately. More info about Sotheby here.
A Knight is a Main DPS (Spirit) that excels in battles that faces multiple enemies. He can quickly dispatch a group of enemies by spamming his ultimate because both his skills gives him Moxies when defeating an enemy. More kills, more ultimate spamming. Brutal.

Available Banners on Launch Day


  • Event Time: Oct 26th until you get your first 6-star character
  • 6-star characters available for this banner: Eternity (Mineral), Regulus (Star) & Lilya (Star)
  • Details of banner:
    • The First Drop of Rain is a permanent character summoning event for new players that lets them invite one of the three 6-star characters listed
    • For this banner, doing 30 summons will guarantee players to get a 6-star character
    • You can only summon 30 times for this event
    • Once you have summoned one of the listed 6-star characters, this banner will disappear


  • Event Time: Oct 26th to Nov 9th (04:59:59 UTC-5)
  • Characters with “rate-up”: Sotheby (6-star) (Plant), X (5-star) (Intelligent) & Charlie (5-star) (Star)


  • Event Time: Oct 26th to Nov 9th (04:59:59 UTC-5)
  • Characters with “rate-up”: A Knight (6-star) (Spirit), Tennant (5-star) (Beast) & Bkornblume (5-star) (Plant)

Best Characters to Aim For During Rerolling

From the banner “First Drop of Rain”:

  • Basically, we have covered this banner in our beginner’s guide.
  • Regulus is a straightforward damage dealer with an ultimate that provides an evasion buff to the whole team.
  • Eternity is a hybrid debuffer & attacker who can be flexible between the two during battle depending on the flow of battle.
  • Lilia has the highest potential damage output of the three featured 6-star characters, but she relies heavily on scoring critical hits, which can be challenging to build in the early game. However, she scales well into the end game and is a good character to obtain due to her long-term value.
  • All characters are viable late game but personally, I would like to get Eternity in my account because she is the best waifu would be great in the early-game and mid-game (I plan to go full F2P and share my experience with you all through future articles).

From both “pick-up” banners:

  • Charlie is a rate-up 5-star character in the “One Gram of Curiosity” banner.
  • Charlie is an excellent second or even main DPS character, especially after reaching her third "portray" (finding 3 copies of them).
  • Getting your free 6-star (from the beginner’s banner) and getting Charlie (with 3rd Portray unlocked) is a viable option.
  • Rerolling to get Sotheby within the first 10 pulls will get you ahead with your account.
  • Sotheby will be super-duper helpful with a ‘future’ DPS combo combining Sotheby and Changeling (coming in patch 1.2 – based on CN server).
  • Note: We don’t know if banner releases will be the same with both global and CN servers.
  • If you really really really want to try hard… When you start the game and skip the tutorial, quickly use your first 10 pulls on the standard banner to try and find a good 6-star character namely: Centurion or An-an Lee (Both these units are a monster in the game and we rate both of them high in our tier list).

Tl;dr version:

  • Centurion or An-an Lee from the first 10 pulls OR.
  • Get the 6-star unit you want from “The First Drop of Rain” and many copies of Charlie.
  • Getting Sotheby along with Charlie is a bonus and is great for the future 1.2 patch.

Final Advice before Rerolling on Launch Day

Whether or not to reroll in a new gacha game is a common question asked by newbies, and the responses are often along the lines of "it doesn't matter, pick who you like." However, this advice can be misleading, as certain team compositions and characters can be significantly more effective than others.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to reroll comes down to whether you plan to play the game casually or seriously. If you are serious about competing at a high level, then rerolling for specific characters may be necessary to avoid falling behind early on.

However, if you are only interested in playing casually, then there is no need to reroll, and you can simply choose the characters that you like the most.

Good Luck! We hope that of you DO decide to do rerolls, may the RNG gods be on your side.

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