Centurion Character Guide – Reliable Solid DPS

Welcome to DotGG's Centurion Character Guide - A solid damage dealer that you can bring in anything Reverse: 1999 throws at you!

Guide Introduction

Welcome to DotGG's Centurion Character Guide, the main damage dealer everyone told you to reroll for during Reverse: 1999's launch day. As a 6-star Beast Afflatus damage dealing character packed with Reality Type DMG capabilities, Centurion carries your team throughout any stages in the game. In this guide, we'll explore her skills, strategic insights, and optimal team synergies, helping you out to optimize her optimally.

Ultimate: Reality Show Premiere

Centurion's ultimate move is a mass attack dealing 300% Reality DMG and leaves foes reeling. Her ultimate move also inflicts [Weakness], reducing DMG Bonus by 25% per stack. Basically, you want to use her ultimate move when you're aiming to finish off small mobs or you want to ensure your team's survival before a big enemy attack. As we will learn later on, you really don't want to use her ultimate often.

Skill 1: Victorious General

Victorious General is your bread and butter when it comes to dealing damage to the enemies with Centurion. It works like this:

  • Let Centurion be AP greedy to reach Max Moxie count
  • Hoard your Moxie and don't use Centurion's Ultimate
  • Deal an extra 100% extra damage with Centurion's Skill-1
  • Profit

Skill 2: Outdoor Superstar

Outdoor Superstar basically works well with Centurion's first skill. The aim for this skill is to quickly get her to reach Max Moxie count and begin hammering the enemy with those sweet extra damage from Victorious General. The skill also helps Centurion deal AoE damage to 2 enemies which helps clearing out those low level stages and help dispatch smaller enemies before the boss fight.

Insight: Hot Sauce Expert

Hot Sauce Expert further improves Centurion's damage while she hoard on those Moxies. When you're using Centurion, make sure you hoard those Moxies and if you really need to use that ultimate of hers, you'll be getting some heals on her. This skill makes Centurion viable fighting solo in certain stages and when it comes to Limbo, this really helps new players to focus building on 4 characters earlier on. Just use a normal 3 developed characters for one team and a solo Centurion on the other and push Limbo as far as you can - Talking about new player strategies that is.

Optimizing Resonance and Psychubes

Best Resonate Build

Best Psychubes

Our Centurion Character Guide won't be complete without a Psychube recommendation. Hopscotch is the best-in-slot Psychube for Centurion for one reason: Incantation Might Bonus Damage. Slap this 'weapon' into your Centurion to further let her wreck havoc with her first skill, Victorious General. If you're seeking a budget Psychube for her (for new players), just use The Footloose and you're good to go.

Centurion Best Teammates

Mono Beast META featuring Shamane

Shamane will be available to join your team with his rate-up banner coming up soon. If you've already have Centurion, adding Shamane to your crew will further boost Centurion's overall damage in this team. Medicine Pocket is there to provide healing to the team and also to conserve the Beast Afflatus theme for this composition.

Critical Centurion Setup

If you're thinking to further boost Centurion's Critical DMG and Critical RATE this is the team for you. We have previously did a Voyager Character Guide and if you read it you will know that she brings so much value in battles. Voyager can inflict [Confusion], dispel the enemy's buffs, and disrupt their Moxies. Tooth Fairy on the other hand provides healing and also further boost Critical RATE for Centurion with her "Empty Gums" skill. You can also check out our Tooth Fairy Character Guide to further understand how she fits in this team like a glove.

Character Guide Conclusion

Centurion, the unparalleled DPS main carry in Reverse: 1999, thrives on her unique moxie-dependent damage scaling, making her a consistent powerhouse from early game to end-game scenarios. With "Hot Sauce Expert" at Insight level 3, she not only amplifies her damage output but transforms into a self-sustaining force, healing with each cast of her ultimate move. This exceptional synergy defines Centurion as an overall amazing and reliable carry. However, players must strategically hoard AP early on to maximize her Moxie, ensuring she enters battles at her peak potential. We hope that our Centurion Character Guide has helped you - Until next time!

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