Voyager Character Guide

Learn the ins and outs of Voyager, a reliable Support/DPS 6-star music maestro!

Some people are asking whether it's worth pulling for Voyager in her rate-up banner, "Where the Star Alighted." So, the DotGG team got together and agreed that we should at least give our readers a character guide for Voyager before her banner rotates out. In short, Voyager is definitely a great character to have in your collection, but it's best to understand the details of her ultimate, skills, passive, and role first before investing any "clear drops" on her rate-up banner.

Voyager Character Details

6-star / Star / Mental DMG


Skill 1 (Debuff): Starlight Sonata

  • Enhances the likelihood of fellow team members landing Critical Hits by boosting their skills.
  • Voyager plays a pivotal role as an enabler in Critical Themed teams, thanks to this skill.

Skill 2 (Counter): Concerto in D-fense

  • This ability positions Voyager as a formidable secondary DPS character, particularly effective against enemies with multiple attack patterns.
  • In end-game content, [Sturdiness] presents a substantial defensive value trade-off.

Ultimate: Song for the Bad Tooth

  • Voyager proves to be a dependable character, contributing a crucial element of control to the team during battles.
  • Deploy her ultimate skill just before the enemy is set to unleash their ultimate move.
  • If your team includes characters capable of inflicting [Confusion], Voyager's ultimate will still deal an additional 100% damage even if the [Confusion] was not inflicted by her.

Passive (Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3): Refrain

  • Passively [Silence] all enemies after taking 3 actions
  • Can inflict [Seal] to disable enemy’s ultimate



In Reverse: 1999, Voyager shines as a Support/DPS, weaving together damage and crowd control (CC) mechanics to dominate the battlefield. Her ultimate ability removes Moxie from a target and unleashes devastating damage, further boosted by 100% against confused enemies. Additionally, her level two card applies the potent Confusion debuff, hampering enemy actions.

One of Voyager's most striking features is her passive ability, [Refrain]. After performing three actions, Voyager activates this powerful emblem, silencing all enemies, effectively disabling their buffs, debuffs, heals, and counter spells. If enemies are already confused under the emblem's effect, they are further sealed, preventing them from utilizing their ultimate abilities.

Voyager's kit is further enhanced by [Counter] cards and [Sturdiness] cards, offering valuable damage mitigation and utility. While she presents a flexible option, it's crucial to consider your team composition and the specific needs of each scenario to maximize her effectiveness.

Voyager's future-proof nature is evident in her consistently high ranking on tier lists, both in the current and upcoming versions of the game. When evaluating her banner, remember to consider the additional characters offered and their potential value to your team, ensuring no redundancy exists in your roster.


When it comes to synergies, Voyager proves to be a valuable asset for teams in need of additional support or an extra dose of crowd control. Forming alliances with units that thrive on confusion status or can make the most of silence and seal effects is the key to unlocking Voyager's full potential.

Opt for Voyager if your team is craving supportive units or if you're yearning for more crowd control prowess. The decision to pull for Voyager should align with your personal preferences and playstyle, considering that her role might overlap with other characters in your roster. Take a moment to assess your team's requirements before committing, and stay in the loop with in-game updates for the most accurate and current information.

To give you a glimpse of how Voyager can seamlessly fit into your crew, here are some team examples that we've curated for our readers

Team 1: Moxie Removal and Confusion Synergy

  • Voyager: Moxie removal, confusion, and CC through ultimate ability.
  • Centurion: High damage output and weakness application, capitalizing on Voyager's confusion debuff.
  • An-an Lee: Damage reduction, damage buffs and control to support the team.
  • Balloon Party: Additional healing, Moxie removal, and damage mitigation.

This team focuses on disabling enemies through Moxy removal and confusion, while Centurion unleashes devastating damage against vulnerable targets. An-an Lee and Balloon Party provide crucial support, ensuring the team's sustainability.

Team 2: Flexible Control and Support

  • Voyager: Moxy removal, confusion, and CC through ultimate ability.
  • Lilya: High damage output and additional control through ultimate ability.
  • An-an Lee: AP positive and flexible utility provider.
  • NewBabel: Taunts enemies and grants shields for enhanced team survivability.

This team offers a flexible approach, combining Voyager's CC with Lilya's damage potential. An-an Lee provides essential support, while NewBabel ensures the team's defensive capabilities against enemy attacks.

Team 3: Budget-Friendly Synergy

  • Voyager: Moxy removal, confusion, and CC through ultimate ability.
  • Balloon Party: Additional healing, Moxie removal, and damage mitigation.
  • Sonetto: Provides buffs and debuffs to enhance damage and control the enemy team.
  • Baby Blue: Debuffs enemies and provides damage mitigation.

This team offers a budget-friendly option, utilizing easily obtainable characters to achieve efficient results. Voyager's CC and damage are complemented by Balloon Party's support, while Sonetto and Baby Blue contribute to the team's defense and control.


Voyager offers a potent combination of support and crowd control, making her a valuable asset for teams lacking either. However, before pulling for her, consider your personal preferences and playstyle, as she might overlap with other characters. Carefully assess your team's needs and stay informed about the evolving in-game meta through updates.

DotGG remains dedicated to providing reliable guides for various Arcanists as the Reverse: 1999 meta shifts. Keep checking back for in-depth guides, team compositions, and strategies to help you out in Reverse: 1999.

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