Choosing the Best Psychubes for your Tooth Fairy: Beyond Wonderland vs. That Inquisitive Dear

A Comprehensive Guide to answer the question: “What is the best Psychube for Tooth Fairy?”

Welcome back, Timekeepers! Today, we dive into a hot topic in the gaming community – the dilemma between Beyond Wonderland and That Inquisitive Dear for Tooth Fairy. While there's no definitive answer, let's explore the details and help you make an informed decision.

First, let’s look into the details for each Psychubes which are:

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Before we delve in, it's crucial to note that opinions may differ, and what follows is not an absolute truth. We from DotGG are here to discuss different perspectives, so keep an open mind and form your own opinion.


That Inquisitive Dear

  • Pros:
    • More healing overall
    • Permanent healing buff instead of stacking as time progresses
    • More reliable to make Tooth Fairy a dedicated healer
    • Amplification buffs all heals, which includes both Tooth Fairy's healing skill and passive healing
  • Cons:
    • Less HP for Tooth Fairy
    • Does not increase Tooth Fairy’s critical rate stats

Beyond Wonderland

  • Pros:
    • Gives Tooth Fairy more HP, making her less squishy
    • Increases Tooth Fairy's critical rate
    • Can slightly increase healing output at higher amplification levels
  • Cons:
    • Less healing overall compared to Inquisitive Deer
    • Healing bonus is not as significant as expected, especially at higher amplification levels
    • Requires ‘Gluttony’ to amplify, which are valuable resources

Inquisitive Deer stands out for its superior healing potential. Its permanent healing boost and amplification of all heals, including Tooth Fairy's Lullaby and Baby Tooth Collector (heals all allies at Insight lvl.3), provide consistent and reliable support. This makes it a natural choice for maximizing healing output, especially in scenarios where survivability is paramount.

Beyond Wonderland, on the other hand, prioritizes Tooth Fairy's survivability. It grants substantial HP, making her significantly less susceptible to damage. Additionally, it enhances her critical rate, potentially leading to higher damage output. This can be beneficial in situations where sustained damage is less of a concern and burst damage is desired. It’s also important to note that when her ultimate “Song for the Bad Tooth” lands a critical hit, she provides mass purification for the whole team from [Stats Down], [Negative Status] and [Control] statuses.

However, Beyond Wonderland's healing capabilities fall short of That Inquisitive Dear's. While its amplification bonus can increase healing output, the effect is not as significant as expected, particularly at higher levels. This raises concerns about its cost-effectiveness, as amplifying the psychube requires valuable resources.

Furthermore, the temporary nature of Beyond Wonderland's healing bonus limits its effectiveness. Unlike Inquisitive Deer's permanent boost, the bonus needs to be stacked during combat, which can be inconvenient and unreliable. This makes Inquisitive Dear the preferred option for players who value consistent and predictable healing performance.

Considering these factors, Inquisitive Deer generally emerges as the superior Psychube for Tooth Fairy. Its consistent and reliable healing, coupled with its amplification of all healing sources, makes it a valuable asset for maximizing survivability in most scenarios.

However, Beyond Wonderland can still be a viable choice for players who prioritize Tooth Fairy's tankiness or seek an alternative healing approach. Its HP boost and potential for increased critical rate offer strategic benefits in specific situations, justifying its use for those who value these advantages over the consistent healing offered by Inquisitive Deer.


Basically, with my free-to-play account, I will be building “That Inquisitive Dear” for my Tooth Fairy for the reason of making her a dedicated healer for my team. Additionally, I can use this Psychube for my other healer on a different team during Limbo events since we can use Psychubes multiple times in between stage’s notes.

Thanks for hanging in there with us while we dissected the pros and cons of “That Inquisitive Dear” and “Beyond Wonderland”. We hope you're now feeling confident in your Psychube pick for Tooth Fairy!

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Happy Timekeeping! ️

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