Insight Guide

Learn about the character Insight system in Reverse: 1999, and the most efficient way to farm materials.

After you increase your character's level to the max, you can no longer level them up unless you choose to awaken their Insight. Insight is pretty much like ascending your character to the next level so they can have increased stats, their level cap will be increased, and their spell to be upgraded.

Basics About Insight

1) By awakening a character's Insight, it will increase their level cap so you can level them up even further. The upper limit increases by 10 levels with each Insight. In other words:

  • Insight 0: Level 30 max
  • Insight 1: Level 40 max
  • Insight 2: Level 50 max
  • Insight 3: Level 60 max

2) Aside from the level cap, your base stats will also be upgraded. Although the level is reset to Level 1, [Insight 2 Level 1] has higher stats than [Insight 1 Level 30]. You can use Insight without any worry.

3) Last but not least, your character will gain a special ability that goes well with their kits. The effects of the ability vary depending on the characters, where some abilities increase the character's stats while others enhance the character's strength.

Starting from Resonate Level 5

After a character reaches Insight 2, the upper limit of their Resonate level also increases. Increasing the level of Resonate expands the brain's capacity, allowing you to further raise your stats.

Learn about the Resonate system in our dedicated guide.

Insight Materials for Every Character

6 Star

Lilya | Medicine Pocket | VoyagerCenturion | An-an Lee | Tooth FairyEternity | Ms. NewBabel
Insight 1Insight 1Insight 1
5Trembling Tooth6Shattered Bones6Spell of Banishing6Magnesia Crystal6Silver Ore
5Milled Magnesia5Rough Silver Ingot4Solidus5Esoteric Bones4Liquefied Terror
Insight 2Insight 2Insight 2
5Esoteric Bones6Spell of Fortune5Liquefied Terror4Rough Silver Ingot5Milled Magnesia
5Holy Silver3Clawed Pendulum4Salted Mandrake5Prophetic Bird6Bifurcated Skeleton
Insight 3Insight 3Insight 3
6Murmur of Insanity5Bogeyman6Wyrmling Skeleton5Platinum Ouija6Silver Bullet
3Fruit of Good and Evil3Golden Fleece3Golden Fleece3Mistilteinn3Fruit of Good and Evil
MelaniaBlack Dwarf
Insight 1Insight 1
6Silver Ore5Trembling Tooth6Magnesia Crystal6Shattered Bones
6Spell of Fortune5Esoteric Bones5Rough Silver Ingot5Milled Magnesia
Insight 2Insight 2
3Solidus5Milled Magnesia5Esoteric Bones6Spell of Fortune
4Biting Box5Holy Silver5Prophetic Bird3Clawed Pendulum
Insight 3Insight 3
6Incorrupt Monkeypaw8Murmur of Insanity5Platinum Ouija6Silver Bullet
3Mistilteinn3Fruit of Good and Evil3Golden Fleece3Mistilteinn
Source: Yumedere Cake Insight Reso Material sheet

5 Star

X | Sonetto | MatildaBkornblumeCharlie | DiggersBalloon Party | Blonney
Insight 1Insight 1Insight 1Insight 1
4Magnesia CrystalTrembling Tooth5Spell of Banishing5Silver Ore
3Esoteric BonesEsoteric Bones3Solidus3Liquefied Terror
Insight 2Insight 2Insight 2Insight 2
4Rough Silver IngotMilled Magnesia5Liquefied Terror4Milled Magnesia
3Prophetic BirdHoly Silver2Salted Mandrake3Bifurcated Skeleton
Insight 3Insight 3Insight 3Insight 3
4Platinum OuijaMurmur of Insanity5Wyrmling Skeleton5Silver Bullet
2MistilteinnFruit of Good and Evil2Golden Fleece2Fruit of Good and Evil
Baby Blue | NecrologistKanjira | Satsuki | TennantSweetheart | ClickHorropedia | Dikke
Insight 1Insight 1Insight 1Insight 1
5Silver OreTrembling Tooth4Shattered Bones4Magnesia Crystal
4Spell of FortuneMilled Magnesia4Rough Silver Ingot4Rough Silver Ingot
Insight 2Insight 2Insight 2Insight 2
3SolidusEsoteric Bones6Spell of Fortune4Esoteric Bones
2Biting BoxHoly Silver2Clawed Pendulum3Prophetic Bird
Insight 3Insight 3Insight 3Insight 3
5Incorrupt MonkeypawMurmur of Insanity4Bogeyman4Platinum Ouija
2MistilteinnFruit of Good and Evil2Golden Fleece2Golden Fleece
Source: Yumedere Cake Insight Reso Material sheet

How to Collect Insight Materials Efficiently

Following are the methods you can use to obtain and collect Insight materials:

Clear the Insight Stages⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Obviously the best method
Clear the Story Stages⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Available in almost every stage
Synthesized at the Wishing Spring⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Cost a lil' Sharpodonty
Purchase at Pawnshop⭐ - Possible for even F2P players but not recommended

1) Clear the Insight Stages

Surprise surprise, this is the best method to gain Insight pages/scrolls. Different Insight scrolls are required depending on the character's Afflatus. These scrolls can only be obtained from the Insight stage, and the rarity of these materials that can be obtained differs depending on the difficulty level.

2) Clear the Story Stages

By clearing Story battles, you can obtain the materials necessary for Insight (not the Afflatus materials/scrolls). The materials you can obtain vary depending on the stage, so tap the material to check which stage it is available in.

Check out the farming guide here.

3) Synthesized at the Wishing Spring

Insight materials (excluding scrolls for each Afflatus) can be synthesized and obtained from the "Wishing Spring" in the Wilderness. Initial materials and Sharpodony are required for synthesis. You can craft even higher rarity materials by upgrading your Paleohall and Wishing Spring.

4) Purchase at Pawnshop

You can purchase the materials necessary for Insight at the "Bass Counter" and "Treble Counter" in the Pawnshop using Track of the Lost. This currency can be obtained from Weekly Activeness.
There are other important materials that can be purchased from the Pawnshop using the limited currency (especially F2P players) such as Unilog, Unilog... and Unilog. Honestly, F2P players are recommended to save the Track of the Lost for important items like Unilog instead of other materials that can be farmed from the stages, you just need a little more patience to collect them all.


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