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Insight Guide

Learn about the character Insight system in Reverse: 1999, and the most efficient way to farm materials.

Basic ‘How To’ For Beginners

If you’re absolutely new to Reverse: 1999 and wonder about basic things, this guide may help you. If there are any other sub-topics that should be added, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will add it to the…

How to Efficiently Raise Character Level

The first thing that needs to be stressed is not to blindly level up every character you have. In the beginning, you do have lots of resources (Sharpodonty and Dust) to level them up, but gradually it will dissipate until…

How To Proceed Efficiently in The Early Stages

Some players are here for the characters, some are for the game mechanics, and others are for the Victoria-style storytelling. Regardless of the reason, everyone is bound to play the Story stages to get all the resources while learning the…