Bio of the Great Thief

Bio of the Great Thief Event: Guide for All Puzzles

Stuck on the puzzles of the Bio of the Great Thief event for Reverse: 1999 Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup? Walkthrough to all the solutions to get all the rewards are here!
Bio of the Great Thief

Bio of the Great Thief is a side event in Version 1.1: The Theft of the Rimet Cup involving puzzles in each of the 10 stages! Remember using Strength HM in Pokémon? Well, the puzzles here are pretty much that:

  1. Push the glass case around to avoid the security patrol route and block out the spotlights.
  2. Place them on the pressure sensor.
  3. Make your escape through the door.
  4. You can undo your moves and restart the stage as well.

You get rewards not only based on clearing the stage, but also having your Alertness level below 40 on some stages.

Here are all the solutions to all the non-Teaching stages (hopefully you can clear those ones!).

Event Details

Every well-planned theft is a puzzle-solving process. Meticulous scheme, boundless imagination ... They are heavily guarded treasure troves, also, the highly anticipated examination rooms.

  • Requirement: Finish the story [In Our Time]
  • Start: November 9, 2023 after version update
  • End: November 23, 2023 at 4:59 AM (UTC-5)

Stage 3: First Trial

  • Move glass case 1 to the left twice before waiting for the guard to move away to move it upwards once to the pressure sensor.
  • Move glass case 2 upwards three times and to the left once.
  • Wait for the guards to look away and escape through the door.

Stage 4: Thinking Training

  • Go to the spot above glass case 1 to push it down twice. You need to maneuver around 3 guards to reach there.
  • After that push, glass case 1 to the pressure sensor through the middle of two lines of guards. It's just a matter of waiting for the guards to turn away for you to move.

Stage 5: Basic Element III

  • Push glass case 1 to the right once to block the spotlight first.
  • Then, push glass case 2 upwards twice to the pressure sensor and you can escape through the door.

Stage 6: Field Practice

  • Push the glass class in front of you downwards twice to the pressure sensor.
  • After that, you only need to push other glass cases in your way toward the direction of the spotlight to block them.

Stage 7: Advanced Exercise

  • Go to the top glass case and push it downwards once to block the two spotlights.
  • Move the glass case at the most left to the right twice to block the spotlight at the bottom and move the glass case in the middle to the right twice to block the spotlight at the most right.
  • Move the glass case on the left to the guard upwards once and the glass case beside it to the left once.
  • Move the glass case nearest to the top guard to the left twice and downward once.
  • Lastly, push the glass case that does not block any spotlight to the pressure sensor.

Stage 9: Mind Opener

  • Go to the fan to spread the smoke potion and move the glass cases one by one to the left side. Make sure to place them on the pressure sensor in a specific order: bottom left > bottom right > top left. If you block the top left first, you can't move the glass case to the bottom anymore because of a lack of space to move.

Stage 10: Escape Master

  • There are 4 glass cases here and you need to move 3 of them to the pressure sensors.
  • Move the bottom left glass case to the right once to block the spotlight so you can move the top left glass case all the way to the right and downward on the last pressure sensor (while waiting for the guard to turn, move the bottom left case downward once so it's super close to the spotlight).
  • Pass through the fan and move the middle glass case to the right side of the bottom pressure sensor.
  • Pass through the fan once more and move the last glass case (the middle out of the three cases before) to the right side of the middle pressure sensor.
  • Move the two glass cases to their respective pressure sensor to first unlock the door.
  • Push the middle glass case to the left so you can pass through before placing it back to the pressure sensor again to unlock the door for good.


Give all the puzzles a go yourself! It does get challenging and fun in the later stages.


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