Tooth Fairy - Worn Teeth and Old Marks

Worn Teeth and Old Marks Event Guide

Guide to the Version 1.2: A Nightmare at Green Lake event for Tooth Fairy's character story event.


Players take on the role of the Tooth Fairy and embark on a mission to recover teeth stolen by wild critters near Camp. Each recovered tooth holds a piece of the Tooth Fairy's past. The event takes place across three distinct areas.

  • Campsite Forest
  • Cottage Perimeter
  • Critter Dwelling

Each area becomes accessible after clearing GLN-06 and GLN-09, respectively. Each area comprises several levels, where each move counts as one round. With each move, the Tooth Fairy advances to the furthest point in the chosen direction. By strategically using obstacles, players can guide the Tooth Fairy towards the level's end to claim victory.

Wild Critters and Tooth Fairies

Beware of monsters lurking within the levels! If the Tooth Fairy enters their field of vision, the level is considered failed. However, players can approach monsters from the side and eliminate them with a sneak attack.

Certain levels also feature Tooth Fairies, who aim to reach the end by the shortest path. Before reaching the end, they behave like ordinary critters and can be dealt with through sneak attacks. However, approaching them after they reach the end triggers an encounter that must be won before proceeding. In levels with multiple Tooth Fairies, only the first to reach the end initiates an encounter when approached.


Collecting certain teeth restores the Tooth Fairy's ability to cast spells and unlocks special abilities. By completing levels and achieving their objectives, players earn action points. Accumulating enough action points unlocks exciting rewards.

AP 8 to AP 24

AP 30 to 40

Stage Layout

Stage 01
Stage 02
Stage 03
Stage 04
Stage 05
Stage 06
Stage 07
Stage 08
Stage 09
Stage 10
Stage 11
Stage 12
Stage 13
Stage 14
Stage 15
Stage 16
Stage 17
Stage 18
Stage 19
Stage 20
Stage 21

Complete Guide for Worn Teeth and Old Marks

Thanks to @devibul for her full clear guide for the event! If you’re stuck in any of the stages and would like to refer to a ‘walkthrough’, please watch the video below. Also, give a like and show your appreciation in the comments section for @devibul.

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