New Code 9LRC9ZN

Translation Compensation Code for 60 Clear Drops and More – 9LRC9ZN

A new code has been released, as a way of gratitude to the players for the recent translation errors in the Version 1.2 update. Bluepoch is also seeking direct feedback, and has provided players with a form to fill in. With that, a the code 9LRC9ZN can be redeemed for rewards until December 31, 2023 23:59 (UTC-5):

  • Clear Drop ×60
  • Picrasma Candy (Time-limited) ×1
  • Dust ×10,000
  • Sharpodonty ×12,000

All other current codes and instructions on how to redeem them can be found in our guide below:


Dear all,

Recently we have received a fair amount of feedback, and notice that part of them concentrate on the translation. We work with positivity to polish our game and decide to set up a Translation Feedback Form to collect your feedback. To help solve the issue in a more efficient and better way, please kindly fill in the form and submit the issue you encounter. We will proceed with the optimizations in the periodic maintenance.

Form Link:

Sincere gratitude for listening and reading the stories we tell, we would love to present this Arcanum World with the best performance. And here's a gift code to thank your accompany and support: 9LRC9ZN *[Clear Drop×60, Picrasma Candy(Time-limited)×1, Dust×10,000, Sharpodonty×12,000] included, valid until 2023/12/31 23:59(UTC-5)


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