Blonney Character Guide

Unleashing the Power of Blonney: A Comprehensive Guide

Attention Reverse: 1999 players! Feeling overshadowed by all the 6-star characters’ hype? Don't fret, 5-star character you summoned to join your crew can still pack a punch, and today we're diving deep into Blonney, the crit-craving queen of destruction (or is she?). To put it in layman terms, Blonney's a DPS machine, plain and simple. Her skills are all about unleashing massive damage, and with the right setup, she can turn your enemies into dust faster than you can say "chainsaw massacre."

But before you go all in on Blonney, let's talk about the elephant in the room: her AP consumption. This girl is thirsty, and you'll need a dedicated support team to keep her firing on all cylinders (but we know you’ll be building Charlie, Melania, Centurion, Eternity, Regulus or Lilya instead). So, is Blonney worth your time and resources? Read on, and we'll find out together!

Blonney Character Details

5-star / Star / Mental DMG


Skill 1 (Attack): Killer Bunny

Designed specifically for single-target encounters, Killer Bunny delivers a potent blow, dealing up to 400% reality damage depending on the skill level. This move benefits from a 25% Critical DMG increase, ensuring a high damage output when Blonney lands a critical hit.

Skill 2 (Debuff): Chainsaw Massacre

This multi-faceted skill provides both damage and utility. It deals 200-450% reality damage to a single target, while also applying the "confusion" debuff starting from level two. This debuff increases the enemy's vulnerability to critical attacks for one round, creating valuable opportunities for Blonney to maximize her damage output. Combos well with her first skill.

Ultimate: Bloody Movie

This skill unleashes a devastating AoE attack, dealing 250% reality damage to all enemies within its range. Additionally, the skill boasts a built-in 20% critical rate increase, further enhancing its offensive capabilities.

Passive (Insight lvl.1 – lvl.3): Monster Designer

Blonney's Insight passive plays a crucial role in solidifying her position as a formidable DPS unit. This passive grants her various buffs to critical rate and critical damage, amplifying her offensive potential significantly.

Best Resonate Build


Blonney, making her debut in the 1.2 update under the Tooth Fairy Banner, is a reality DPS character with a penchant for critical hits. While not reaching the celestial heights of 6-star characters, 5-star heroes like Blonney possess distinct strengths and can significantly contribute to overcoming challenges within the game.

Effectively utilizing Blonney involves a strategic sequence of skills. Begin with the ultimate, "Bloody Movie," to trigger the critical rate and damage boosts. Follow this with attacks like "Chainsaw Massacre" to maintain high critical rates and unleash devastating damage. If necessary, use "Killer Bunny" to exploit her built-in crit rate and crit damage for an extra punch.

Primarily designed as a damage dealer, Blonney can also be considered for a support role due to her confusion application. However, given the lack of utility for support viability, Blonney excels more as a dedicated DPS character.

Team Recommendation

Blonney thrives in a team that minimizes AP usage from supports, making characters like Pickles and strategic healers ideal companions. Tooth Fairy synergizes well with Blonney, offering elemental coverage and supportive abilities without interfering with her card usage. Here is an example:

Team: Blonney Hyper Carry

  • Blonney: High DPS with critical hit potential and damage buffs for allies.
  • Pickles: Efficient AP generation and acts as a secondary damage dealer
  • An-an Lee: Provides great utility for the team and AP generous.
  • Any healer: If you have other characters providing sufficient AP generation, any reliable healer can suffice. However, be mindful of their AP consumption to avoid hindering Blonney's performance.

This team focuses on unleashing explosive damage through critical hits. Blonney and acts as a core damage dealer, while An-an Lee or Pickles provide support, ensuring both offensive power and team sustainability.


In conclusion, Blonney proves to be a devent 5-star character with a clear focus on critical hit rate and critical damage. Understanding her kit, utilizing her built-in critical boosts, and strategically building a team around her strengths are key to unlocking her full potential. As players venture into the ever-expanding universe of "Reverse: 1999," Blonney stands ready to carve her path with bunnies and a chainsaw.

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