Crisis Mode – A Nightmare at Green Lake Main Event Guide

Cruising the final stage with Star/Mineral Team

"A Nightmare at Green Lake" Crisis or Hard Mode is now available for players to tackle! DotGG is here to lend a hand to those struggling with the final stage.

We've also compiled info on the rewards and details of each stage for you to scan before diving into the challenge. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

Reward Information

Stages Details, Goals and Environment

Stage GLN - 02

Stage GLN - 04

Stage GLN - 06

Stage GLN - 07

Stage GLN - 09

Stage GLN - 10

Stage GLN - 12

Stage GLN - 13

Stage GLN - 15

Stage GLN - 16

Stage GLN - 17

Guide to Beat the Final Stage

While most players can likely breeze through Stages GLN-02 to GLN-16, the final stage (GLN-17) presents a unique challenge. This guide is specifically tailored for new players who joined during Version 1.2's launch. Since your characters might not be as strong yet, we'll focus on strategies for overcoming this hurdle, even with characters below Insight III and Level 5.

Final Boss Overview: The final boss in "A Nightmare at Green Lake" boasts a formidable 63,139 HP and possesses the [Pollution Resistance] passive skill, where you can see the details of the skill from the picture above. Star and Mineral afflatus characters shine in this battle, dealing an extra 10% damage and taking 15% less damage as a special condition in this stage. This advantage makes them the ideal choice for taking down this formidable foe.

I used Lilya, Sonetto, and Tooth Fairy to defeat the boss, but if you don't have those characters, you can swap them out for any others. Of course, Sonetto is free to everyone, making her a great choice for this fight. Her buffs and damage reduction benefit the entire team. For main damage dealers, Eternity or Pickles are great alternatives to Lilya, and Balloon Party or Medicine Pocket can fill the healer role.

I’ve used Spiked Pit Trap for all the stages since I love the idea to get a upgraded level 3 card as early as turn 2 or turn 3 during battles. I strongly recommend this ‘Trap” as it gives the best value in terms of tempo and an early burst.

Since the boss fight will always inflict [pollution] towards your characters during battle, it’s a good idea to bring support characters that can cleanse negative statuses for themselves and/or teammates. In this case, we can consider using Dikke she can cleanse negative statuses on herself, ensuring she's always ready to heal teammates without succumbing to the [pollution] debuff.


If you’re still having trouble with the final stage or even any stages in Crisis/Hard Mode, please leave a comment below and we’ll try our best to help you our and get those sweet ‘clear drop’ rewards.

Thanks for checking out this guide! We appreciate your support and hope to see you back soon for more news updates, insightful strategies, and lively discussions about all things Reverse: 1999. Thank you.

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