How To Proceed Efficiently in The Early Stages

Some players are here for the characters, some are for the game mechanics, and others are for the Victoria-style storytelling. Regardless of the reason, everyone is bound to play the Story stages to get all the resources while learning the tutorial to better understand the game. This guide will help you to proceed through the released stories in Reverse: 1999.

Reroll Is Not Mandatory

Rerolling is not a foreign term to any Gacha games, including Reverse: 1999. Some gamers just want to have a good start by getting the best possible character in the early game. If you are one of them, you can check out our reroll guide here.
But keep in mind that it will be time-consuming if you're going to restart all over again just to get the specific character you want, unless you have godly luck.

There is a gacha banner for beginners where you are guaranteed to get a 6-star character (Lilya/Regulus/Eternity) with a maximum of 30 pulls. You can get 30 pulls in no time with the free benefits from the game itself. In my opinion, it's better to pull this banner and keep going with the 6-star characters that you get.

Read The Tutorial Carefully

Like every other game, they will insert tutorials in the story stage so you will have a better understanding of the game. The first Story Chapter 'In Our Time' has many tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. The basics and detailed techniques of combat are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. If you skip it, you will be late in noticing important features, so be sure to read it carefully.

Now For The Story Chapter

As you progress through the story mode, various functions and contents will be unlocked. Story mode consists of the progression of the story, battles, and sub-events called 'Trail.'

Story Progress

Don't worry if you accidentally skipped a stage because you can experience it all over again from the [Home Page] - [Menu] - [Atlas] - [Story Review].


The battle in Reverse: 1999 is a turn-based card battle. Each character has a total of 3 types of spell cards, 2 types of normal skills + 1 type of special move (Ultimate skill), and a spell card is drawn every turn. Defeating all enemies will result in victory, and you can obtain materials necessary for character development as a reward.


Trails are sub-events that appear after you complete certain stages. You can advance to the next stage by listening to the characters' short stories, solving puzzles, and clearing battles.

Unlock More Resources with Story Stages

First, aim to unlock "Resource" battles where you can collect "Dust" and "Sharpodonty" needed to raise your character's level. Even after the stages are unlocked, you still need to progress through the story so more efficient resource stages will be unlocked.

Resources are unlocked in Story Chapter 1

Resources will be released by clearing 1ST-11. Resources are essential for character development, so be sure to collect as many materials as you can.

StageRequirement & Rewards

The Poussiere
Requirement: Clear 1ST-11
Reward: Dust

Mintage Aesthetics
Requirement: Clear 2ND-3
Reward: Sharpodonty

Pneuma Analysis
Requirement: Clear 2ND-10
Reward: Thoughts in Entirety

Harvest Prime
Requirement: Clear 2ND-14
Reward: Kern Baby

Characters That Can Be Obtained Through Story

Free charactersHow to get



Story Chapter 1


8 Days Login reward

An attacker with spells that obstruct enemy movement and an ultimate that attacks all enemies on the field. She can also give buffs that increase damage dealt and reduce damage taken to all allies, making it easy to use from the beginning to the end.

An attacker that deals additional damage when the enemy is in a debuff state/depending on the amount of HP the target has. She partners well with Sonnet's skill set (as the latter can inflict debuff), making it easy for Leilani to do huge damage. The cherry on top is that Leilani's Ultimate can provide 1+ Moxie for all allies.

An attacker with huge instantaneous firepower from Ultimate. She has skills for both AoE attack (2 enemies) and single-target attacks, making it easy to perform attacks that are appropriate for the situation. Her Ultimate increases the Critical Rate, and the excess Critical Rate is converted to Critical Damage, allowing you to deal high damage.

A single-target healer who can heal allies while dealing damage to enemies. One of its Spells and Ultimate can heal the ally with the lowest HP. The amount of recovery is calculated based on APPLe's attack, so increase APPLe's level to increase the amount of recovery.

An AoE healer. Her skill can recover the HP of all allies, and if the target's HP is below 50%, there is additional recovery, so the amount of recovery is very high. With her Ultimates, she can enter the Immunity state while dealing high damage to enemies.

You can see our tier list here for their current tier in the game~

What To Do When You Get Stuck in Any Stages

1) Raise your characters' Level/Insight

Recommended: Insight 1 Level 10

In Reverse: 1999, the recommended level is displayed for each story stage. Raising the Level and Insight will increase the character's status, so raising it to the recommended level will make it easier to clear the stage.

2) Check enemies' weaknesses

You can check the information about the enemies that appear on the stage and their spell cards before taking on the challenge. Once you see the enemies' Afflatus, edit your team so the stronger Afflatus can take place and deal more damage to enemies. You can deal 30% more DMG against enemies with a weaker Afflatus.

3) Don't forget your healer

A proper team needs to have a main damage dealer, and 2 supporting characters. There are some stages where you don't even need a healer because your DPS and 2 supporting characters are enough to take care of the enemies.
But if you can't withstand enemies' attacks, swap one of the supporting characters for a healer. Having a healer makes it easier to withstand enemy attacks, making it easier for the party to clear the stage stably. Two free healers you can get are APPLe and Dikke (which I already mentioned before) You can check our team-building guide for even better information.

4) Check enemies' actions

Some stages have a boss fight (mostly at the end of the Story Chapter), where they may have slightly unusual gimmicks such as being immune to some skill, having a shield, entering a special state, etc. You can check the information by long-pressing the enemy's character, and try to understand the effects of the gimmick and the enemy's actions.


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