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Pickles Preview: Should You Save Up Your Pulls for Now?

A sneak peek to a possible good-boi banner that’s hard to resist!

Managing your free premium currencies to do more summons/pulls is very important to ensure the best possible chance of pulling future meta characters. Luckily for the Global Server players in Reverse: 1999, we are able to get sneak peeks on future banner releases for future new character releases.

Today we are here to answer the question “Should you save up your Crystal/Clear Drops or Unilogs for future banners?” namely an interesting character we found out about – A man’s best friend:

Pickles: The Theft of the Rimet Cup!

Meet Pickles a 6-star future character worth talking about

At the moment, we won’t know for sure when exactly when this awesome 6-star character will drop. We can only assume that it’s going to be around 4 – 6 weeks according to a Reddit discussion thread.

This is how Pickle’s New Character Banner looks like for the CN server a few months ago

Why we believe you should save your pulls

Based on the information we got from the CN server, Pickles would be a rather strong if not totally OP secondary DPS character equipped with utilities that can buff the whole team’s DMG and also dispel enemies’ buffs like [Stats Up] [Status Pos] and [Counter].

Here are most likely to be his skill sets if nothing changes for his global release:

Arcane Skill 1 – Nihilism

  • Single target attack
  • Deals 500% Mental DMG (at lvl.3)
  • If Pickles is in the [Clarification of Proposition] state, this attack will deal an additional 125% Mental DMG

Note: Clarification of Proposition: Pickles' next normal Skill or Ultimate is enhanced (reduced by 1 level after taking effect)

Arcane Skill 2 – Judgement of the Ball

  • AoE attack to all enemies
  • Deals 300% Mental DMG to 2 enemies (at lvl.3)
  • Dispels [Stats Up] [Status Pos] and [Counter]
  • If Pickles is in the [Clarification of Proposition] state, this attack will get a 25% Penetration Rate buff

Ultimate – Thus Spoke Pickles

  • Single target attack
  • Deals Mental DMG [500%]
  • After Pickles casts this ultimate, applies buff which increases the DMG Dealt of all allies by 30% for 2 rounds
  • If Pickles is in the [Clarification of Proposition] state, the duration of the DMG Dealt increase effect will be extended by 1 round

Additionally, his passive skill, "Elaboration of Proposition," enables him to skip his turn (not performing any actions) at Insight Level 1. This allows his teammates who need those AP to act instead. In other words, Pickles is an invaluable team member for main carries to act out their bidding while he just chills at the corner waiting for his Ultimate to come by using the most least AP possible.

Wrap Up

We hope this little sneak peek to the future helps you a little to make that decision to save up your pulls. As a free to play player myself, I plan to skip the next few banner to try my luck with getting Pickles.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed our breakdown for Pickles’ skill set and overpowered passive skill that is ridiculous when upgraded to insight lvl.3.

A. P. Raphael
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