Team Building Guide

Team Building Guide

In this Reverse: 1999 guide, learn how to build a good team and make the best out of your available characters in your crew!

Team building in Reverse: 1999 is simple and straightforward, but to make the most out of your individual characters and push through higher stages, a good team is required.


There are three main roles that characters can fill:

Main damage dealer:

  • Your main source of your team’s damage output
  • Usually a character that has skill kits that only cares about dispatching enemies
  • A reliable boss killer

Support damage dealer or secondary DPS unit with utility:

  • Can dish out damage to help chip away enemy’s HP
  • Has a skill kit that isn’t selfish and helps the team to perform better
  • Inflicts various debuffs on the enemy to increase overall team’s damage
  • Grants various buffs to allies to increase damage, increase attack and so on

Pure healer, shield provider or support:

  • Isn’t reliable to dispatched enemies
  • Main source of healing and ensures team’s survivability overall
  • Taunts enemies, shield allies or cleanse debuffs inflicted on allies

Team Building Tips

Here are some tips for building a team in Reverse: 1999:

Step 1 – Choose a main damage dealer. This is the character who will be doing the most damage to the enemies. You want to choose a character with high attack and good damage skills.

Step 2 – Choose two supports. Supports help your main damage dealer by providing buffs, debuffs, and healing. Some good supports include An-an Lee, Medicine Pocket, and Voyager (Check out our tier list).

Even though basic, bringing characters with the right Afflatus is the key for victory

Step 3 – Consider the type of enemies you will be facing. If you are facing enemies that deal a lot of damage, you may want to swap out one support for a healer. Also, taking advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses is crucial to dispatch enemies faster since using a character against a weaker afflatus enemy gives a sweet 30% extra damage on the table.

This game doesn't complicate things like equipping artifacts (Genshin Impact), choosing summons (FFVII: Ever Crisis), or even choosing wyrmprint cards (R.I.P. Dragalia Lost), so the main way to "tweak" your gameplay is by building your team.

First rule of thumb: Experiment with different team compositions. There is no one-size-fits-all team composition. What works for one stage may not work for another. Experiment with different characters and team compositions to find what works best for you.

Second rule of thumb: Build a focused team based on one of the following ideas:

  • Afflatus-focused team
  • Reality damage-focused team
  • Mental damage-focused team
  • Theme-focused team, such as critical teams or poison teams

Examples of Team Building

In the future, we will continue to review more team builds and show more examples of how to build them.

Critical Themed Team

Main Carry: Lilya

  • Lilya’s playstyle requires her to land her critical hits consistently to maximize damage output
  • She can’t convert excess crit-rate into something better so teammate that inflicts Crit DEF debuff is always welcomed into the party
  • Does great damage towards the late game and gets better with the right supporters

Main Carry: Regulus

  • Can convert excess critical rates into critical damage
  • Overall damage output is one of the best in the game
  • Reliable carry from the early game towards end-game contents

Team member: Bkornblume (hybrid DPS/support)

  • Her skill set is perfect for a Reality DMG oriented team with “Prying Ear” with Lilya
  • Great secondary DPS unit to help the main carry to take out enemies with “Watch your sleeves”
  • Ultimate “Uninvited Reviewer” inflicts [Seal] which comes handy controlling enemies that are about to cast their ultimate moves

Team member: Twin Sleep (Crit DMG support)

  • Further support’s Regulus’ damage output
  • Their debuff inflicts Critical DEF debuff that further increases the main carry’s Critical Damage to insane heights
  • Cheap to build
  • Good budget option for F2P players

Team member: Voyager (Provides control and Crit Resistance Debuffer)

  • Her “Stellar Symphony” is Regulus’ and Lilya’s friend to ensure critical hits are landing more often
  • “Galactic on Strings” ships out a good amount of damage and control against enemies
  • “Mending Sonata” helps team’s survivability

Team member: Matilda (Secondary DPS and Crit Resistance Debuffer)

  • Like Voyager, “Ingenious Etude” inflicts [confusion] and debuffs their critical resistance
  • Dishes out good damage for a secondary DPS character behind the main carry

Centurion Centered Team

Main Carry: Centurion

  • Absolute ‘Beast’ of a character (pun intended)
  • Arguably the best DPS unit in the game right now
  • Doesn’t care about helping other team members with utility and just have damage only skills and those skills are good

Team member: Tennant

  • Her skill “A Sincere Heart” helps Centurion to deal more Reality damage to her targets
  • Good shield provider to increase team’s survivability
  • Can be a decent secondary DPS for the team

Team member: Bkornblume (hybrid DPS/support)

  • Her skill set is perfect for a Reality DMG oriented team with “Prying Ear” with Centurion
  • Takes the role of secondary DPS and support behind Centurion

Team member: An-an Lee

  • Her passive “Time to Work” makes her into a character that doesn’t uses AP much and enables Centurion to consistently deal damage every turn
  • Her skill “Lily Nectar” is great to further increase Centurion’s output damage while also helps her to sustain damage from enemies

Free-to-Play Team

Main carry: Eagle

  • Powerful at Portray lvl.4 whereby her ultimate “Between Superficiality And Reality” gets a massive +100% Critical Rate
  • Her passive skill “Trainee” inflicts an enemy (highest attack) with a Reality DEF and Critical DEF debuff (-20% each)
  • Better that Leilani
  • Reliable carry for all free-to-play players

Team member: Sonneto

  • AoE ally buff to help overall team’s damage output
  • Controls the enemy that’s about to land a big move

Team member: APPLe

  • Your go-to F2P healer from the beginning of the game
  • A flying apple

Note: This team can actually be used to complete the main story of the game from beginning to the end for 1.0 patch & help you save up those pulls for future banners.

Choosing Your Healer

Honestly, any healer is good to bring into your team (except for Bunny Bunny) when you’re having difficulty clearing stages in the global server at the moment. Please check out our tier list to know which healer that’s best to invest into and swap them into your team when needed (just don’t swap out your main carry for obvious reasons).

All healers currently available:


Keep in mind that these teams are just examples. You can experiment with different team compositions to find what works best for you. Thanks for visiting us at DotGG, please visit us again in the future for more guides and news.

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