Character Development & Elements

Confuse on what you need to do to make your characters stronger? Here's the guide for you!

The battle in Reverse: 1999 will gradually get harder the more you enter the story stages. To overcome these challenges, you need to develop your characters by leveling them up and upgrading their insight. There are more elements you can interact with to increase your character's strength, and this guide will cover the character's development elements.

A Summary of Character Development Elements


Level Up
・Enhancement of character's status such as HP/ATK/DEF

・Increase the character's level limit/level cap
・Increase the base stats
・Unlock the character's lore

・When equipped, it will boost character's HP/ATK/DEF
・Different effects can be obtained from each high-rarity Psychube

・Status such as HP/ATK/DEF will be heightened.
・The status that increases will differ depending on the combination of ideas.

・Status such as HP/ATK/DEF will be enhanced.
・The status that increases will differ depending on the combination of ideas.
Recommended level: Insight 1 Level 10

If you lose a battle, check the recommended level before starting the stage and adjust your characters accordingly. By raising your characters to the recommended level listed in the stage's interface, you will be able to withstand enemy attacks more easily, and your ATK will increase, making it easier to defeat enemies.

Level Up To Use Insight

Once a character's level reaches the maximum level, they can no longer level up. To increase the level limit and cap, you can use "Insight." Obviously, Insight requires Sharpodonty and many different items (depending on the character). You can tap on those items and the game will list out the stages/shops that will provide those items. Only after gathering all the materials can you complete the Insight for said character.

After gaining Insight and the level cap being released, your character stats will still increase even if you don't level them up (at least for now). Of course, since the cap has been increased, you can choose to level up your characters so they will be even more powerful.

Remember that the depths of Insight vary from character to character.
6-star and 5-star characters can undergo Insight 3 times
4-star characters and below can undergo Insight 2 times

In addition, 4-star characters and above can unlock Original Form (like an alternate and upgraded outfit) after reaching Insight 2!

Equip Psychube to Invigorate Your Character

When equipping a Psychube on a character, it can strengthen the status (HP/ATK/Reality DEF/Mental DEF) and give a bonus skill effect like Critical Rate/Incantation Might/DMG Taken Reduction/etc (only for 4-star Psychube and above).

Choose a Psychube that matches your character's characteristics

The bonus skill effect that increases (Critical Rate, Incantation Might, etc.) differs depending on the Psychube. Check your character's personal stats and equip them with a Psychube that matches its role as an attacker or healer.
But the game made our life easier by making sure that once your character has a preferred Psychube (in your possession), the preferred Psychubee will be automatically equipped when the character is chosen for battle.

Upgrade your Psychube just like your character

By leveling up the Psychube, their stats will increase. You can use the materials Enlighten I, Enlighten II, and Enlighten III to upgrade the Psychube (definitely do not use the high-rarity Psychube as the materials). You can get said Enlighten materials from [Resources] - [Pneuma Analysis] that can be unlocked after completing story stage 2ND-10.

Once again, just like your characters, the Psychube can also be ascended to further increase the base stats and the level cap it has.

Awaken Your Character with Portray

Getting a duplicate character from the gacha banner is actually a win, especially for lower rarity characters so they can be improved further and can be used efficiently in the early stages. When you get the character you already have from a banner, it will be transformed into Artifice.
Example: You already have Leilani for free from Tutorial. After you do a 1 pull in any banner, you get another Leilani. The latest one will turn into Artifice and can be accessed through Portray.

Each character can use awaken their Portray for a maximum of 5 times. Each time you awaken 1 Portray, certain spells will be strengthened.

Increase Your Stats with Resonate

With Resonate, you can further increase your character's stats by equipping them with ideas. The status that increases varies depending on the idea attached. You can tap on each idea to see what their stats are.

Level up your Resonate to enjoy more idea

Increased Capacity
Increasing Resonate to the next level increases the capacity to attach more ideas.

Increased Stat
The level of the ideas you originally have will increase, meaning the stats will also have a higher number. Leveled-up ideas have higher stats than the new ideas, so prioritize equipping them.

Acquire new Ideas
You can acquire new ideas when leveling up your Resonate. Those ideas will have new buffs and different shapes than the previous ideas you already have before.

Be mindful when attaching the ideas

Two ideas are left out because there is no space left

Resonate has a capacity and it is not possible to equip it with all the ideas you have. So it is necessary to consider the stats and shape of the ideas when equipping it.


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