The Prisoner In The Cave - Version 1.4

Unreleased Characters – Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 Preview

The potential roadmap for global server - looking into what's in store for us in Reverse: 1999!

Thanks to a YouTube channel @KazdelTeam, we get to look into the future content and characters that will be coming to the Reverse: 1999 Global Server (we can't embed the official videos from BiliBili so these videos will have to do).

The China server is 6 months ahead of global, but here Version 1.1 is expected on November 9 (quicker than usual) when the current banners end.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead. Click on the character names to see their details. Proceed at your own discretion - global schedule may be different and contents are subject to change.

Version 1.1 - The Theft of Rimet Cup

  • Pickles: 6-star / Mineral (support, dispeller & AP positive)
  • Diggers: 5-star / Plant (support & debuffer)
  • Melania: 6-Star / Beast (main carry, DPS boss killer & AP hoarding)

Version 1.2 - A Nightmare at Green Lake

  • Tooth Fairy: 6-star / Star (AoE healer, cleanse & critical team enabler)
  • Changeling: 6-star / Plant (main carry, poison DPS & poison team MVP)
  • Blonney: 5-star / Star (main carry, secondary DPS & critical theme kits)
  • Horrorpedia: 5-star / Mineral (damage dealer & dispel utility)

Version 1.3 - Journey To Morpankh

  • Shamane: 6-star / Beast (support, damage dealer & debuffer)
  • Black Dwarf: 6-star / Mineral (main carry, damage dealer & AP hoarding)
  • Kanjira: 5-star / Plant (support, debuffer & gimmicky skill set)

Version 1.4 - The Prisoner In The Cave

  • 37: 6-star / Star (support, AoE team buffer & tanky)
  • 6: 6-star / Intellect (unknown as of now)

Wrap Up

We look forward to produce guides and review all the future banners for our readers when these updates goes live in the global server. Keep our website in your bookmarks so you won't miss out!

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