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Best 5-Star Characters to Build

Didn't get the 6-star character you want? Don't worry! Here are some 5-star characters you can build instead.

Today, we'll look at the top 5-star characters you can build for your account to help you tackle the harder content in Reverse: 1999.

Here are the 5-star characters we'll discuss, looking at their summary of skills:

  1. Bkornblume
  2. Charlie
  3. Baby Blue
  4. Balloon Party
  5. Dikke
  6. Necrologist
  7. Sonetto
  8. Matilda
  9. Tennant
  10. X

Unless you're a whale who can pull most of the available 6-star characters and build them without breaking a sweat, this guide will be useful for you. It will give you more information about building a team with high-quality 5-star characters. You can also click on the character name to see them in more detail, or for an overview of their ratings, check out our Reverse: 1999 Tier List!


  • Buffs the team’s Reality damage
  • Reliable secondary DPS unit in any team (flexible) with the ability to deal high AoE and single-target damages with her current kit
  • Able to control enemies with her ultimate inflicting [Seal
  • Centurion’s best friend


  • Dishes out single target damages consistently albeit with a small requirement price tied to her HP% for extra damage
  • With Portray lvl.3 and lvl.5, her damages can challenge 6-star main carries easily
  • Can dispel enemy’s buff with her ultimate. With the right timing, this can increase team’s survivability
  • Has an innate self-buff skill with her passive (Insight lvl.3)

Baby Blue

  • A good supportive character behind a Mental DMG main carry
  • If you got Eternity in the beginner’s banner, this character fits well with her
  • Applies AoE DMG debuff to enemies
  • Applies AoE DMG Taken debuff to enemies
  • One of the few characters to inflict [Nightmare] to enemy  

Balloon Party

  • Can provide AoE healing to team members while setting up [Counter] for herself  
  • Protects her allies with her ultimate (DMG Taken -25%)
  • Doesn’t need high investment for her to be useful
  • A major upgrade from APPLe to take the healer/support role in the team  


  • A healer that also has self-cleansing utility
  • Ultimate provides AoE healing for the team and casts extra healing when allies are below 50% HP
  • Can reliably dish out damage before the main carry seals the kill
  • Very flexible to be included in any type of team  


  • Buffs the team with 1-stack of [Prayer] that  makes them avoid fatal damage with her ultimate (lasts 3 rounds)
  • Useful dispel skill (single target) in boss fights
  • Can be a useful ‘substitute’ character in the team with her passive skill [Insight lvl.1] entering a battle without the worry of being immediately dispatched  


  • The best free character given early in the game
  • AoE buff and deals extra damage with her own buff active
  • Decent AoE damage with her ultimate
  • Dispels the enemy’s attack
  • Very flexible and can’t go wrong dumping resources into her from the beginning of gameplay  


  • Free main carry DPS character given to everyone via in-game mail
  • Can inflict [Confusion] which is important in Critical Themed teams
  • Flexible in being a main carry or a secondary DPS unit behind a main carry that depends on her [Confusion] kit
  • When reaching Insight lvl.3, becomes somewhat bulkier and less of a glass cannon compared to other low HP main carries  


  • Decent in Reality DMG teams
  • Can be a great supporting unit behind Charlie who depends on HP% requirements to deal more damage
  • [Shield] application is reliable and consistent
  • Helps the team’s survivability when needed
  • Like Necrologist, slotting Tennant in the 4th position is good and can help do ‘damage control’ in situations that’s not looking nice for the team  


  • Ultimate deals -2 Moxie to all enemies in addition to his AoE attack
  • Reliable dispel skills in niche situation
  • Bring him to battles against enemies that does self-buffs and see him shine in those situations  


If you failed to get good 6-star characters in your pulls, don't fret and focus on what you have. The 5-star characters listed above are decent enough to support each other and any 6-star character you got from the beginner's banner. It's all about building your team (as mentioned in our previous guide) and making the best of each character's skill set.

Need a decent main carry? You've got Matilda. She's free and good for all content.

Want to build a flexible supporting unit for all kinds of teams? Dikke is your best bet. Eventually, everyone will have her to join their crew.

Who to build for a secondary DPS unit? Go for Sonetto, who is available for everyone.

Matilda, Dikke, and Sonetto is already a good team to begin with, before you do more future pulls and get those 6-star characters to join your crew.

Thanks for reading this guide. See you in the next one!

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