How to Efficiently Raise Character Level

The first thing that needs to be stressed is not to blindly level up every character you have. In the beginning, you do have lots of resources (Sharpodonty and Dust) to level them up, but gradually it will dissipate until you have none if you don't use them efficiently.

First of all, create a team with characters you already have. Then, level up those characters so they can focus on cleaning the story stages. You can check our Team Building Guide here if you're stuck on what team to focus on.

Basic About the Character Level

Stats increased by leveling up

Increasing the level will increase the character's personal stats. The increase in stats is hugely dependent on character level, so if you are stuck on any stages, try raising your character's level.

Materials you need to level up a character:
1. Dust
2. Sharpodonty
*The amount required increases each time you level up, so you will need a lot of materials.

Insight increases the Level cap

Characters that have been leveled up to the maximum level can be significantly enhanced by 'Insight.' Not only will your stats increase, but your level cap will also be raised, allowing you to further develop your character's skills.

Requirement for Insight:
1. Raise the character level to the maximum
2. Collect every Insight materials

Benefit of Insight:
1. Stats increase
2. Level cap increase
3. Unlock special ability
4. Unlock Original

How to Increase Character Level Efficiently

Following are the methods you can use to obtain and collect level-up materials:

Completing Resource Stages⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Obviously the best method
Obtained from Wilderness Facilities⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Free and without any effort
Clear the Story Stages⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dropped from every stages
Claim from Tasks⭐⭐⭐ - Decent, and we can get it daily
Earn as Login Rewards⭐⭐ - Only one at a time
Obtained from Roar Jukebox⭐⭐ - Takes a lot of time with low result
Purchase from Shop⭐ - It's better to save resources
Purchase from Reception Machine⭐ - Not for F2P players

1) Completing Resource Stages

Currently, Resource Stages are undoubtedly the best method to obtain materials to level up characters. You need to use Cellular Activity in these stages, and the harder the stages are, the better the rewards. The higher stages are locked behind Story Mode so you need to complete them first before you can access the better stages to collect materials.

2) Obtained from Wilderness Facilities

Another efficient method to obtain Dust and Sharpodonty is from the Wilderness. You don't have to do anything, just tap on the facilities to get the materials. But no pain no gain. The number of materials you'll get at first seems low, so you can level up the Dust Bell Tower and Sharpodonty Market with Kern Baby to increase the number of materials you receive. Kern Baby can also be farmed from the Resource Stage called Harvest Prime.

3) Clear the Story Stages

For newbies, clearing the Story Stages is a no-brainer because there are lots of functions locked behind the later stages. You can hit 2 birds with one stone by completing these stages which is to unlock further Resource Stages while also obtaining some Sharpodonty from it. It's a small number but hey, beggars can't be choosers right?

4) Claim from Daily and Weekly Tasks/Activeness

Don't forget the Daily Activeness and Weekly Activeness. When you claim them daily, it doesn't look much, but you can get around 63000 Sharpodonty and 70000 Dust per week (and this does not include the Weekly Task) so don't forget to do your daily tasks, it doesn't take much time anyway.

5) Earn as Login Rewards

'It ain't much, but it's honest work' is the perfect phrase for this method. We're still only one week after the game release so we don't know precisely what you will get per month, but you are pretty much guaranteed to get at least 2000 Sharpodonty and 3000 Dust every week based on the current in-game calendar.

6) Obtained from Roar Jukebox

Roar Jukebox is the Battle Pass for Reverse: 1999. You need to complete the tasks (different from Daily and Weekly Tasks) to gain EXP and level up your Roar Jukebox. For each level, you will get different rewards, but Sharpodonty and Dust are some of the consistent rewards in it. The Roar Jukebox (Collector's Edition) is for everyone, but if you want even more rewards, you can upgrade your jukebox to (Deluxe Edition) to unlock the paid rewards, which is much higher than the free one.

7) Purchase from Shop

This is still an F2P method to obtain upgrade materials. You can buy all these items in Bank > Pawnshop using Track of the Lost, a currency that can be obtained from Weekly Activeness. But it's not worth it because buying Unilog is much better so you can pull for more characters in the banner.

8) Purchase from The Teller Machine

For the last method, it is still in the shop but under The Teller Machine. This one is for both P2P and F2P players. For P2P, you can check the Bank to see what their offers are and if its worth your money. If you're F2P, your shot here is only the free gifts pack they will give you when you reach Level 5, Level 10, Level 20, and possibly even after that (which I can't tell since I haven't reach Level 20 yet).


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