Recommended Packs in The Teller Machine

If you're a pure F2P player and currently have no thoughts about spending money on the game (which is no problem at all), then this guide is not for you. But if you love this game so much that you want to support the developers, you may continue. Please be responsible when spending money on games, especially the Gacha one.

The Teller Machine Recommended Pack and Priority

Roaring Month⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - The best option for everyone
Initial Summon Pack⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Precious one-time offer
Offer of the Month⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Similar to the Initial Summon Pack
Rookie Offer⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Good for beginners
Summon Sale Pack⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Decent 10 pulls
Rookie Shopping Day⭐⭐⭐ - Only for a newbie who lacks a healer
Rookie Special⭐⭐⭐ - It's okay
Lv.5 Offer⭐⭐ - So-so
Wilderness Shopping Carnival⭐⭐ - Only for those who want to develop Wilderness
Offer of the Week⭐ - Pack with farmable items
Collection of the Knells⭐ - Pack with craftable items

*Please note that the price may differ in each country because of the currency.

Content of Each Pack

Roaring Month

For Roaring Month, you can get a total of 300 Crystal Drop, 2700 Clear Drop, and 1800 Cellular Activity. Of course, you need to log in daily to get all the daily rewards (90 Clear Drop and Picrasma Candy per day), but it's still worth the money for great and bountiful rewards such as those. So this pack is the best and recommended to all Timekeepers, regardless if you're a Leviathan (big spender) or just a cute lil' Goldfish (low spender).

Crystal Drop x300 (upon purchase only)
Clear Drop x2700 (need to log in daily for x90 per day, total 30 days)
Picrasma Candy x30 (need to log in daily for x1 per day, total 30 days)

Initial Summon Pack

The Initial Summon Pack gives you 20 Unilog which is equivalent to 3600 Clear Drops. The nearest one for this pack in Puddle of Rain (another section in the Shop) is 1980 Crystal Drops (Double Once Only +1980) = 3960 Crystal Drops for US$29.99, which is still pricier than the Initial Summon Pack for an extra $10.
However since this pack is clearly valuable, you can only buy it once. If you plan to buy only one item, then this is the one worth your money.

Unilog x20

Offer of the Month

Offer of the Month is pretty much the exact same thing as the Initial Summon Pack, which gives you a total of 20 pulls. The difference here is the price is a little bit higher with an extra $5 and you can buy it once per month.

Unilog x10
Clear Drop x1800

Rookie Offer

Another one-time item that is suitable for beginners are Rookie Offer. You won't get a full 10 pulls (only around 7 pulls), but the pack compensates with other various items like character development materials such as Dust and Sharpodonty. If you're one of the few lucky souls who obtain many upgrade-worthy characters but lack upgrade materials, then this pack is for you.

Clear Drop x1360
Dust x30000
Sharpodonty x35000
Fine Insight Casket x6
Simple Insight Casket x6
Bottle of Pages x6

Summon Sale Pack

Summon Sale Pack gives out both Clear Drop and Unilog, but the former is very low. In a way, you can only get 10 pulls from this pack, which is reasonable for the price itself.
The nearest one for this pack in Puddle of Rain is 980 Crystal Drops (Double Once Only +980) = 1960 Crystal Drops for US$14.99, which is still pricier than the Summon Sale Pack for an extra $5.

Unilog x10
Clear Drop x100

Rookie Shopping Day

In the Rookie Shopping Day, the main prize here is Bunny Bunny, a decent 4-star character with healing ability. She's a great unit to get in the early game because of her valuable healing. If you lack a healing character even after wishing in the banner, and don't want to invest in APPLe, this pack is good for you.

Bunny Bunny
Unilog x1
Dust x10000
Sharpodonty x10000

Rookie Special

With Rookie Special, you will immediately obtain a Jar of Picrasma Candy and 1 Clear Drop. Then, you can earn 1 Unilog and 10000 Sharpodonty for 4 days starting from the second day after the purchase.

Jar of Picrasma Candy x1 (upon purchase only)
Clear Drop x1 (upon purchase only)
Unilog x4 (need to log in daily for x1 per day, total 4 days)
Sharpodonty x40000 (need to log in daily for x1 per day, total 4 days)

Lv.5 Offer

As the name suggests, you can only unlock this pack after reaching Level 5 in Reverse: 1999. You can only buy this pack with 60 Crystal Drops, which is equivalent to US$0.99.

Unilog x1
Dust x10000
Sharpodonty x8000

Wilderness Shopping Carnival

In the Wilderness Shopping Carnival, you can get Clear Drop and Wilderness Shell. This pack focuses on the Wilderness Shell (a currency) and you can use it to upgrade your Wilderness by buying the buildings/islands in the Wilderness Shop. This pack is only for those who are obsessed *affectionally* with their Wilderness and want to decorate it as best as they can.

Clear Drop x400
Wilderness Shell x1500

Offer of the Week

Offer of the Week is a pack that focuses on upgrading your character's Insight and Psychube. You can only buy it using 980 Crystal Drop, which is equivalent to US$14.99. And in my opinion, is not worth your money as most of the items here are farmable, albeit some may take time to gather.

Dust x100000
Sharpodonty x60000
Enlighten III x5
Enlighten II x20
Enlighten III x20
LF Polarization x10
Wilderness Shell x350

Collection of the Knells

Collection of the Knells is a pack full of Resonate materials. Some of these items can be crafted in the Wilderness, but you need to upgrade your Paleohall and Wishing Spring, which may take lots of time since you also need to complete the Story stage as it is one of the requirements to upgrade the Paleohall. But if you can save money by farming diligently, why not? Of course, it's up to you whether you like this pack or not.

Sonorous Knell x5
Brief Cacophony x15
Moment of Dissonance x20
Sharpodonty x30000

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