UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory Chapter 30 Guide

UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory is still ongoing and some players may be struggling to get past the final chapter level 30. We’re here to give you a comprehensive guide on how to clear the stage with the help of YouTuber @Jakazin!

Boss: “The Future Scout”

Before going into the guide, let’s look at the boss fight details first:

The Eagle has grown. Is this how one can be approved by the Scouts?

  • Level: Insight III Level 20
  • HP: 100,000


  • AP +1. At the start of the round, purifies all debuffs from oneself and dispels the enemy’s [Taunt]

Target Practice

  • At the end of the round, grants [Super – Sense Weakness] to a random enemy.
  • [Super – Sense Weakness]: Reality DEF & Critical DEF -30% (cannot be dispelled)

The Medal Goes To …

  • Cannot gain Moxie. At the start of the round, casts Ultimate on all targets in [Super – Sense Weakness] state.

Stage environment

  • [Ally] The Leech Rate has been greatly reduced
  • [Enemy] At the beginning of the round, HP +(Max HP X 100%); DMG Taken +10% every time when it is attacked (effect can stack)


The fight's unique mechanic is that each time you damage the Eagle, you gain a 10% damage boost for your subsequent attacks. She fully heals every round, regardless of your actions, so you must deplete her health bar entirely in a single turn. The battle consists of 12 rounds, and the objective is to prepare for a decisive blow in the 12th round by building up your damage output over the preceding 11 rounds.

The objective of this battle is to spend the first 11 rounds accumulating damage-boosting effects. Disregard the actual damage inflicted during these rounds. Simply bombard the Eagle with low-power, one-star damage Incantations. Utilize Grand Orchestra to amplify healing Incantations, ensuring the team's well-being and preparing for the decisive final round.

If support Ultimate skills are available, employ them in conjunction with the Melania card to maintain the team's health. Identify your most potent attacks. For units with mass-attack Ultimate, their most effective move may not be their Ultimate. Preserve the Ultimate if applicable; otherwise, acquire a three-star version of their signature move.

During round 12, unleash all six available actions in a devastating final assault. Prioritize preparing all buffs during round 11 to concentrate solely on inflicting damage in round 12. Continue utilizing Grand Orchestra throughout the battle to set the stage for victory.

Here is a breakdown from @Jakazin to defeat 1.1 UTTU Level 30:


Despite the initial impression of insurmountable difficulty, the strategy to defeat her is actually straightforward. I must commend the developers for crafting such an engaging boss battle. I find it particularly rewarding when boss encounters demand strategic thinking.

A special thank you to @Jakazin for giving us permission to reference his video in YouTube and gain valuable information about the boss fight in level 30. Do visit his channel and give his video a thumbs up!

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